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December 16, 2009


Paul Garber

Just a Bush era lapdog. Brownose like torture, and using government power against the citizens. He should be in jail for the violations of the Constitution that he has committed, not in elected office.

Lauren Yoder

I would love to see Bob Marshall make a run at the Senate and 2012 might be the year to do it. I would guess that Webb will be tied to an unpopular Obama and should be fairly vulnerable. Marshall, Allen, Bolling and Kilgore would all make great candidates. What about some dark horses, Senators Newman, Obenshain and Vogel and Delegates Griffith or Albo all come to mind. The Va Republican party if full of great leaders, we just have to get behind one of them.


I am not convinced that Webb will run again. He's bucking the leadership almost daily. He doesn't like people telling him what to do it. In the past, he's quit when people tell him what to do. I think he'll quit again.


I would love to see Brownlee run for the Senate. He was one of the country's top US Attorneys and law enforcement loves him. But, if George Allen decides to take on Webb I am convinced Brownlee would support him. I know they are close (remember Allen appointed Brownlee US Attorney in 2001) and Brownlee is now practicing law in NOVA. My guess is that Brownlee stays behind the scenes, raises a ton of cash for the GOP, and runs against Mark Warner in 2014 or for AG in 2017. I must admit that I would love to run a former Airborne Ranger against Webb!


I dont think Webb retires, there will be too much pressure on him to run again. Pressure from Obama, Reid, and Warner. Further the VA DEMS need him.

Allen will not run again, i think Allen is waiting for a republican to get into office so he can be appointed to the department of interior or something to do with energy and natural resources. I am not sure how much Allen liked being in the Senate, especially after he was Gov.

Brownlee needs to establish some new positions, as Chris mentioned, in order to be a successful candidate. However, he could do it.

Marshall is clearly the front runner at this point in time. None of the recently elected statewide candidates will run and Kilgore is too far removed to be successful.


Who John Brownlee?

Wuz he dat guy running fo' Supreme Prosecutor o' Virginia an' then got hizzazz beat by some patent attorney?

Ya'll is mad stupid.

Steven Osborne


Steve Newman would make a strong senate candidate.

Bob Marshall does have the chops to run. He is a good retail campaigner and he would likely do well among Virginia's ethnic communities due to his social conservatism. His fiscal conservatism will play well with the fiscal minded voters. Marshall is the candidate that could unite the two wings of conservatism. He also has a proven record of winning in a swing county. As a conservative, I see Marshall as Virginia's Jim DeMint, not a bad platform to run on in today's America.

2012 is far away

2012 is far away. The GOP would be wise to focus reclaiming VA2, VA5, and VA11 in 2010 and the 2011 legislative races first!

Regarding 2012...Brownlee, please? Brownlee was Presidentially appointed and US Senate confirmed in 2001 to be US Attorney for HALF of the Commonwealth. Cuccinelli represented 1/40 of Virginia in the state senate since 2002 and was never even a subcommitte chairman.

Cuccinelli then posted a 57-37 blowout on Brownlee while dominating John's home region at the convnetion. Why? Because while Cuccinelli was advancing the conservative agenda in a tough environment, the son of John Warner's buddy was prosecuting by press release.

2012 is far away, but when it comes the GOP should do what they did in the 05LG, 05AG, and 09AG races and nominate a strong conservative legislator.

Lauren Yoder

I would be very happy with Marshall as our candidate. This could be the best shot he has at the Senate. 2012 is a long way away however it doesn't hurt to think ahead. To often we look only at the current races and don't have a plan for next year. Statewide campaigns take quite a bit of work and planning. What worries me about Brownlee is that I don't see him as understanding how a campaign needs to be run. The Cuccinelli campaign ran rings around him last year and that was only in a convention race. Let him win a few smaller races before another statewide race. The same goes for Foster. I actually think he could be a better candidate than Brownlee. Foster has won elections before and understands how campaigns need to be run. I don't think Foster should be judged by the convention becouse everyone wanted to be in on the Brownlee-Cuccinelli shoving match. I believe Foster would have done much better in a primary.

kelley in virginia

As much as I want to think & dream of whipping Melonhead WEbb (who I don't think will retire because its the best job on the planet);, as a 5th CD Republican, I need to focus on ridding our district, our Commonwealth & our country of Perriello.

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