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January 18, 2010



I've been reading the blogs and I agree with Mason Conservative. Mr. Herrity is long on endorsements and short on issues. His surrogates are attacking anybody who supports Keith Fimian or wonders what Mr. Herrity's issues might be. They call people fools, morons, and use other insulting labels. I resent that.

The fact is that we really don't know who Mr. Herrity is or what he stands for. Until he tells us we really won't know. So, as yet, we really can't say there isn't much difference between Fimian and Herrity.

Round One. Fimian.


Well at least VA Blogger didn't call beantowngurl an idiot, fool, or moron. But, he didn't clue us in on Herrity's secret record, or his issues. That's certainly one way to define themselves.


What secret record? That he is adversely against tax increases for people (ie the Fairfax County proposed food tax)? That he is adversely against wasteful spending in all aspects of the county (look at his work on the school budget). If you are going to say is Pat pro-life, is he pro traditional marriage. Those arguments mean nothing because I truly believe Pat is, but unless he has a record of doing those things, than you never know right? Because we know nothing about Keith and what his true beliefs are? At least Pat has a voting record and has taken the tough stands where leadership was needed whereas Keith was just there touting what he would do rather than what he has done.

local gop

Here is Herritys record, even the Fimian people can use this its so easy:


Pick the year, type 'Herrity' in the bx, and you have everything he has ever done on the County Board.

Now, stop complaining.

The Vindicated and Least Honorable Shiela Dixon of the 410 Ghetto Mafia

Local GOP/Providencehomeboys,

Aren't ya da same person? just like mammy.


Anyone dat disagrees wiff VA Blogga iz jus' mad stoopid an' mizinformed by Rush Limbaugh an' Mark Levin. Recognize Game, Beeyotch!


Herrity has no issues:


Round 2. Fimian

Peter R.

Oh, that is hilarious. He really has nothing on his issues page. So much for oh-so-experienced Pat Herrity!

These people are beyond silly

Because, as we all know, having an actual record as an elected official that voters can look at to evaluate you as a candidate means nothing at all.

What is far more important is to have gotten blown out in the last election for the same seat but to have an issues page on your website several months before the primary.

The Only Abnormal One Here


All of the rest of this nonsense aside, you REALLY think a federal primary electorate knows that much about Pat Herrity?

He was elected as a county supervisor 2 years ago when there were almost a dozen offices on the ballot. He then ran for Chairman in a special election in February with low turnout.

How many people, even in a primary electorate, remember the details of his record, nevermind anything beyond his name, his party ID, and perhaps 2 of his issues?

Pat Herrity is a great man and has been a fantastic leader for the local party. He'll make a great Congressman. But let's not kid ourselves here. His name ID and favorables aren't so fantastically high that he's beyond being redefined, especially among Tea Party activists who may have never participated in a Republican primary before.

Both of these men need to make their case. I have faith Herrity will make his, as you do. I'm just not ready to pretend that he doesn't have to.

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