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June 24, 2010



Your a fucking hypocrite, Chris. Corey is just another tax raising RINO using your previous comments about previous candidates for higher office. Stop cherry picking the people you support and start being consistent in your beliefs. In all honesty you are the flip flopping idiot who has no idea what it takes to win.


well reasoned, thanks for the contribution.

VA Blogger

Chris, Beerisanidiot is right (well, on two fronts). Corey Stewart and the Board of Supervisors voted this year to raise the property tax rate *and* it increased the average tax bill.


Who cares if it was the right thing to do. Given the past six months, I cannot fathom how you could possibly support him. I suppose I shouldn't worry; all he needs is a few endorsements and you'll be bashing him in no time.

I like Corey but it'll be interesting to see how the recent headlines he's made all plays out.


The mere reason that you are not trying to defend yourself right now, you cede the point that you are a flip-flopping squishy republican who does not know what a true conservative is. You have never governed before, thus you go with the flava of the month rather than the people who have been fighting for conservative causes.

This is exactly why you are nothing but a bumbling 2 bit, mentally retarded fool who was probably beat up in some pretend MMA fight you had on the playground in high school. Was it the monkey bars that made you sound like a mentally retarded person or the metal slide? I wonder. I mean when I hear you speak, I think I am talking to that guy with the Baseball from Something About Mary.

But whatever, I would take a monkey typing at a typewriter for 2 year's political analysis as more indepth than anything written here. I just want to point out to the world how stupid you are before I go back and watch a real sport--soccer.


Seems like a decent idea to me.

By the way, what's wrong with the first commenter? Did he/she forget to take his/her medicine today?

Elections are about making the best choice that is available--not the best choice possible in a utopia. So while a particular candidate might be the better choice this year, that may not be the case next year given the field of candidates. In other words, Chris is being consistent by scanning the field of potential candidates and selecting the ones that come the closest to his views.

Of course, I wouldn't expect the first commenter to be able to grasp that fact.

VA Blogger

The field is comprised of exactly zero people at the moment.



By supporting Fimian, you are forever damned by his misrepresentation of Pat Herrity's voting record.

When someone says: "I have never and will never vote to raises taxes," don't you know that voting to raise needed taxes is not the same as voting to raise taxes?

Once you understand this, you will become better informed like my Cenobite minion, VA Blogger.

Establishment Insider

You know what has to drive guys like local gop, NovaRep, Va Blogger, Brian S, and the rest absolutely crazy?

Chris Beer has never run a campaign. He's never even drawn a paycheck from a campaign. He's never worked for a political office. He's never even worked for a political non-profit. He has absolutely no formal training in the science of politics. He's passionate, but not universally knowledgable and sometimes doesn't know what others know. Frankly, there's just a ton of things he simply knows nothing about.

And yet he smokes these guys by predicting election outcomes they never saw coming and still can't figure out.

To rub salt into the wound, he doesn't even make money off of his blog's growing popularity when any of them would be cashing in at this point.

Let me try to clue you guys in:

What Chris 'gets' that most of the political professionals I've met in my life never grasp is how the ART of politics works. He understands that politics is about far more than crunching the numbers, tri-angulating the policies and positions, putting together 50%+1, and playing the odds. He understands how much it's about enthusiasm, authenticity, familiarity, and energy and he has a rudimentary grasp for how those work. He remembers, as so many of us formally trained seem to have completely forgotten (or never known), that politics is an excercise of the heart, not the head.

He's also an ideologue who plainly states his principles and owes no-one any favors. There's an authenticity to this very personal blog that is very VERY rare in a local blogosphere dominated by shills either working for politicians, being paid by politicians on the side, hoping to work for politicians, trying to please politicians, or looking to climb the social ladder in the local party.

Will he make mistakes? Sure. He's never claimed to be all-knowing. Does he understand how the nuts and bolts of a political operation work? No. He's never claimed to, either.

But what he's able to illustrate so clearly in the last several election cycles is how the political profession's obsession with "crunching the numbers" and playing the margins can actually be extremely misleading.

If the accepted doctrine of "how politics works" were correct, a layman like Chris Beer wouldn't be able to embarass it, would he?


Thanks. I guess?

dan dravot

Chris is good because he has an innate ability to smell BS at a distance and not step in it.

Local, Dan, Brian, VA Blogger and the rest are part of the BS, so they don't smell themselves. They wallow in their own stuff and smell perfume.

The BS'er looks in the mirror and sees Prince Charming. Chris looks in the mirror and sees Chris.

Chris will, more often than not, beat them at their own game. Chris is able to connect with real people; the others are not.

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