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June 09, 2010


John "The Boss" Hista

You don't know what you're talking about. There were a lot of other factors involved.

At least I will be getting some of that direct mail action from Fimian's general election campaign at $15K a pop. It's good to be the Boss.

Wisconsin Democrat, Paul Miller

Fimian ran a strong campaign and I knew all along that he would win.

Steven Osborne

You make some good points concerning the 6 other candidates in the 5th district.

VA Blogger

The 2nd- and 3rd-place candidates in VA-02, Ben Loyola and Bert Mizusawa, both conceded to Rigell in person and showed up at his victory/impromptu-unity rally. Rigell's road to unite the party will be much, much easier than other victors from Tuesday who are far more divisive.

More local gop

Herrity was tagged early on as a Tom Davis stealth puppet. Davis could not lend any public support without proving that point.

Herrity did not even post any issues on his website for weeks after he announced. But, he had a huge endorsement list. So, he obviously planned the campaign in advance. A campaign with insider endorsements and no issues?

From the beginning, voters saw an empty suit and a hollow campaign. Herrity became nothing more than a green yard sign. And he never recovered.

Meanwhile, Fimian had clear issues, executed a brilliant campaign strategy, and stayed on message.

VA Blogger

That's incredibly dumb analysis, MLG. No one who didn't already have their mind made up cared that Herrity's issues page went up on, say, January 25 than January 13 when he announced.

Very quickly, Herrity became the only candidate with detailed plans, while Keith became the candidate with a 5-month long negative campaign. We saw which one prevailed.


Republican voters in most parts of the country do seem to like negative campaigns. I don't know that I would characterize Fimian's campaign as brilliant (as MLG does), but he may have read the limited electorate in this primary quite accurately.

Fimian made a calculation that running an exclusively negative campaign from start to finish was a sound strategy to win the primary. I have to admit that he was right and I was wrong. I thought that an exclusively negative campaign devoid of any positive message was not a winning strategy.

I'll be curious to see if Fimian shifts gears for the general election. I still think he needs an affirmative message to have any hope of winning in November. But he was clearly on solid ground in deciding to take the low road in the primary.

The positive is that Connolly has the opponent he wanted and is far more likely to hold his seat. So it is all good.

Not The Green Yard Sign

That's incredibly dumb analysis, VA Blogger. Are you sure you're not local gop?

The green yard sign never had a plan beyond his incredibly long list of extra special insider political endorsements. A virtual campaign with virtual issues.

As they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle.

Another Fairfax County Lady

Oh, another watershed event that helped put Fimian over the top was Bedell's big fumble on firing Mychele Brickner.

When Brickner endorsed Keith, that was a huge signal that the momentum had shifted to Fimian.

Boss Herrity

Herrity wasn't and isn't ready for prime time. That's the bottom line.

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