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June 30, 2010


Steven Osborne

I believe that Gary Johnson wants to be President.

This video makes a good point concerning the less is more principle in terms of government services.

However, Gary Johnson claims to be a conservative and a libertarian, while supporting the "right" to an abortion. While this may reflect a (L)ibertarian policy, it does not represent a conservative or (l)ibertarian policy.

A conservative believes in the rule of law. They also believe that laws must apply to everyone.

If Gary Johnson does not believe that the unborn are entitled to equal protection under the law then he should not be President.

I will say again, however, that his point concerning government services is a good one.


well if you want to get technical . . . the law of the land is that women can have abortions. Sorry, I hate it as much as you do but its entirely within "the rule of law" right now.

But yeah, moreso than the drug stuff, Johnson's abortion view is not one I support.

Steven Osborne


That is why Roe v. Wade is bad law. It basically created a second, lower class of human beings. That is no different than what we had with slavery.

If the Supreme Court had followed original intent then abortion never would have been legalized.

I still beleieve there is a case to be made that the unborn are entitled to equal protection under the law despite Roe v. Wade.

I know that I am preaching to the choir when I tell you this, but we have to elect leaders who will enforce the protections that the unborn are already guaranteed under the Constitution.

The Northern Virginia Conservative

Reasonable people can disagree over the abortion issue. If you believe life begins at conception, then you're pro-life. If you don't, you're pro-choice. Either way, it's outside the purview of the federal government. The founding fathers could have mentioned abortion (yes it happened back then) but they chose not to. So, yes, overturn Roe, but only to cede the power back to the states.

Personally, it's not even a top 50 issue to me. Tempest in a teapot.

At any rate, Gary Johnson rocks and should be President. Listen to him to talk about what Richardson did to New Mexico after he succeeded Gary in the Governor's mansion.

Steven Osborne

The Northern Virginia Conservative,

Thomas Jefferson did mention abortion in one of his letters to the administrator of the Louisiana Territory. In that letter he commended the administrator for codifying that life begins at conception. Before that point, the law had said that abortion was illegal from the point of "quickening," that is, when the mother was aware that she was pregnant. Jefferson commended the banning of abortion in the Louisiana Territory, which was federally administered at the time.

Abortion was not the industry then as it is today, so the issue was not as visible in the public eye. Slavery was the big social issue of that day.

And there were those who said that only the states could legislate in regards to slavery. However, slavery was mentioned in the Constitution, the Northwest Ordinance, and other various forms of federal legislation passed during that time period. The slavery issue was considered an issue of public morality at the time, and yet the federal government acted to ban that practice.

You are contending that only the states have the right to legislate on the abortion issue. If you believe that life begins at conception, then logically the Constitutional protections for all under the jurisdiction of the United States, would apply to the unborn. If this issue is strictly a state one, then the federal government has no right to enforce Constitutional protections for the citizens of the United States. So then was the federal government wrong to assert the Constitutional rights of the slaves?

I am disappointed to see that you do not believe that this issue is important. Abortion has negatively affected our economy and damaged the already abysmal prospect of social security solvency.

Abortion is one of the more important issues in America today, because it lies at the heart of so many other issues. The Republican Party has done itself no favors by pandering to the pro-life base and then ignoring the issue once in power. Unfortunately, many in the rising tide of fiscal conservatism, wave around the banner of individual liberty, and then stand silent as millions have their God given rights to "life,liberty,and property" denied in the name of "choice."

I know that this is a long response, but this issue has been ignored and written off for too long. Enough is enough.

The Northern Virginia Conservative

I, for one, do not believe life begins at conception, no. I also don't believe the NARAL line abortion should be legal until birth, and I think partial birth abortion is a crime.

Those of us who value limited government issues vget tired of seeing the Repiblican party get involved in things like the Terri Schiavo issue, while they're failing to secure the border, which is a national security issue and the first duty of the federal government, and busting the budget. As to social security, conservatives should be working to elininate that ponzi scheme, not worry about its "solvency".

So yes, I think it's (abortion) certainly outside the Constitutionally mandated purview of the federal government.

Steven Osborne

The Northern Virginia Conservative,

As someone who also values limited government, I understand that government cannot be limited without a respect for everyone's right to life.

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