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June 25, 2010


200 Grande

No one is really looking at Bob because Ken is hogging the spotlight.

VA Blogger

Chris, Christie has polls taken all the time because Quinnipiac University, based in Connecticut, routinely polls states in the region (CT, NY, PA, NJ), and Farleigh Dickinson University and Monmouth Universtiy are both based in New Jersey. The only Virginia university I'm aware of that does public polls is CNU, and they do theirs sporadically.

Besides, Rasmussen polled both states a while ago. Here's Bob's poll:


Mike in Virginia

Unfortunately, Ken the Kook is taking the spotlight from McConnell, wasting our money on political stunts like his his Health Care Bill lawsuit.
On second thought, that may not be all bad. McConnell keeps saying Virginia is "open for business" but he refuses to properly support this with the money needed to properly fund law enforcement, education, and transportation. Another political opportunist who is advancing his career at the expense of the common citizen.

VA Blogger

How is Ken Cuccinelli taking the spotlight from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?

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