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June 26, 2010


Shaun Kenney

Agreed. Not the world's biggest Palin fan either, but this is not an opportunity you turn down as a candidate -- nor is it a way to consolidate your base after a bruising primary.

Mike in Virginia

I disagree. Sarah Palin is an opportunist who is using her name to win not votes for other candidates, but make money and a name for herself. She abandoned her responsibilities to the citizens of Alaska in order to line her own pockets and create a market for her sensationalism. She is nothing less than an embarrassment to the American political process.

Any candidate that associates with her will not get my vote. She needs to go back to Alaska and let us elect our own representatives.


Completely disagree as well. No way, I would want to share the stage with Palin in an election that will be decided by independents. If Palin was the current sitting governor it would be a little different. Why would any candidate in a swing district risk alienating independents who will probably decide this race?
Rigell is using the McDonnell playbook well and will win this seat. Aside from maybe Ann Coulter, Palin is by far the second most polarizing figure in GOP circles. I think Palin is definitely a net positive in some of the rural and more southern states but why risk it when you already have a lead?

Living Colour

Good for Rigell.

If the GOP expects to be taken seriously after 2010, it needs to be something more than just an airheaded cue-card reader's cult of personality.

Brian W. Schoeneman

I can see both sides, honestly. In terms of press coverage and the chance to connect with your base, it doesn't make a lot of sense to turn down an opportunity with Sarah Palin.

Then again, she's polarizing, and if that's not the image he wants to convey, I can see why he chose to turn her down. The Governor did the same thing and didn't hurt him.


yeah but McDonnell was never put in the position where he was invited somewhere she was at. They seemed to be able to handle it on a staff level to save face for both sides.

I just can't believe Rigell would pass on the chance to appear before so many Republican activists he needs.

The Only Abnormal One Here

I'm thinking along the same lines as Chris: there had to be a way to deal with this behind the scenes to save both of them some face.

This outcome drives a "Palin dissed" storyline on Palin and a "Rigell slaps conservatives in the face" storyline on Rigell. Neither is helpful.

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