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June 29, 2010


Rick S.

I agree. I'm no huge McCain fan but Hayworth is pretty bad.

The Mad Hatter

It hardly seems fair to have a one set of standards for J.D. Hayworth and another one for Sarah Palin. You never complain about her scamming. Why so hard on Hayworth?

This dissension in the tea party must stop!

Support Hayworth! The tea party candidate.


Palin never appeared in an ad showing people how to get government money tha was corrupt, nor was she involved with Jack Abramoff


This may be our only chance to get rid of McCain, so if I could vote against McCain, I would. McCain should have been able to do more to fix the border in Arizonia and he has done nothing. He is not a Conservative and he does not understand the Tea Party. He is one of the worst Republicans we have, period. I'm sorry I ever campaigned for him in the last election. Truthfully I was campaigning for Sarah Palin. McCain has had his time in the senate and now its time to retire him for good.

David Gergen

Simple Remedy:

In the Republican Primary: Vote Heyworth

In the General Election: Vote for the Democrat.

All incumbents must go.

Brian W. Schoeneman

McCain stepped on my last nerve with his Jones Act repeal last week. I think both of them are bad choices, but McCain has been there long enough. He's phoning it in nowadays anyway. I'm not really a Hayworth fan, but he's the lesser of two evils.

Time for some fresh blood.


The problem is Hayworth isn't fresh blood. The guy is a crook, took money from Abramoff, and used his campaign fund to pay his wife for "consulting." The guy is corrupt, plain and simple, and would be a throwback to all those awful things were got defined on in 2006 and 2006. Hayworth may vote more conservative, but he sure was a big spender when he was in DC.

The thought of JD Hayworth being a United States senator after what he has pulled in his career is, quite frankly, apalling. People who support him are purposefully turning a blind eye to all the ethical questions that will continue to rise up with him.

Better with the devil you know, and that's John McCain.

Brian W. Schoeneman

A lot of folks took money from Abramoff. As long as we are in the minority, there's no reason to worry about corruption charges. The Democrats have their own issues to deal with and their record on "draining the swamp" is abysmal.

You'd be surprised how many guys on both sides of the aisle have their spouses and other family members on staff.

Neither of them are perfect, but corruption can be cured with a trip to prison. Just plain opportunism and a willingness to sell out everything and anything you've stood for to get reelected can only be cured by being retired at the ballot box.

Like I said, I'm no Hayworth fan, but McCain has got to go.

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