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June 27, 2010


Dan Dravot

Yes, quite a remarkable career indeed.

Only the Democrat Party could elect a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard to be the Majority Leader of the Senate, and pretend he's just one of the folks. Even gets hugs from Jesse Jackson. Gotta love them Dems.


That didn't take long. The Klan comment came out in the very first comment. The mindless are so very predictable.

Chris, you may have wanted to take a look at the totality of the man's career, but good luck with that. The silly is going to pop right up without a moment's delay.

I'm afraid your comments about the 21st century are all too true. People just suit up in the colors of their tribe and start blathering the same lame predictable stuff. It is very hard to have a serious discussion of anything anymore. And damned near impossible to have a serious discussion of a long term elected official.

George Templeton

RIP Senator Byrd. Maybe the Senate's greatest practictioner of parliamentary procedure. You are correct we will never see anyone like him in the Senate ever again.

Dick Cheney

BIH old buddy and keep a seat cold for me when I come home.

P. Carnehan

Thanks for letting us take a peek under your hood and sheet. How long have you been waiting to come out of the closet?

Elizabeth Ross

Do you suppose "Sheets" Byrd would have been acceptable if he was just an journeyman parliamentarian, instead of a great one?

Only a Democrat could think that racism and bigotry is tolerable, as long as Robert's Rules of Order are applied with great skill and cunning.

The Donkey

Sen. Byrd's greatest regrets were his mistakes in joining the Klan at 17, and leading the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act.

He lived to lead the charge for civil rights funding as the Chair of Senate appropriations.


George Bass

I guess the Donkey doesn't realize that "Sheets" Byrd continued to belong to the Klan well into his adult years and rose to become an exalted Kleagle and recruiter of other Klansmen.

Even after Sheets dropped his membership for political expediency, he continued vote against all the prominent civil rights legislation of the 50s and 60s on "constitutional" grounds.

Shame on those forget. I'm sure every bigot and demagogue has some qualities. But in this case, the donkey is an ass.

The Donkey

"I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times ... and I don't mind apologizing over and over again. I can't erase what happened. ”
— Robert C. Byrd, 2005

Jim Drury

If a child molester apologizes a thousand times, decent folks still don't let him around around kids. If a bigot apologizes, decent folks still don't choose them as their leader.

Only a Democrat would do that.

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