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June 20, 2010


local gop

do you have some proof or link? or a rumor?

Not Barney's Frank

Sadly, this should have been Herrity's re-match. Wonder if she can borrow his endorsement list. Maybe Tom Davis can work some magic this time. No time for moderation here.

And maybe somebody will primary Frey next time out.

This is going to be a fun ride.


local, I've heard from multiple sources that this is a lock. Surprised you don't know.

Longtime volunteer

Yes, local, it's recent news but open information. I think it's excellent news.


She should be good. I'm interested to see if anyone else wants in, but I have heard nothing. This is not an easy win for Republicans I think a lot of people are ducking it - why do you think Herrity ran for Congress?

She has a lot going for her, but I'll reserve judgement to see what else is going on by the end of the year.

Not Barney's Frank

local probably didn't know because, well..... he remains without clues.

local gop

i had heard rumors like you but i usually wait until someone else breaks it before opening my mouth...safer that way...:)

local gop

i also heard that bulova was going to retire and jeff mckay was the heir-apparent...but nothing firm.


I confirmed it with two separate people who KNOW and one who talked to her so I felt fine posting it. :)

Sharon wants a full term, McKay wants to run next and then replace Jim Moran. That is what I hear is his ultimate goal.

Not Jim Moran

oh lord. The only thing worse than Senator Horinko is Chairman Horinko.

I wonder how much she is going to pay to buy this seat.

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