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June 11, 2010



You mean having zero black Republican members in either House of Congress is something you regard as a problem?

You mention that Republicans haven't done a good job reaching out to minorities. You said a mouthful.

Remember last year when all those e-mails were going around with Obama with a bone through his nose? And the ones with all the stupid watermelon and fried chicken jokes that looked like they had been generated by an eight year old?

Remember how those things showed up on the web sites of a few local Republican committees around the country? I remember when a Republican Women's group in California put one of those lovely things up on there web site. I saw the interview of a black woman who had been a member for years and had spent decades working to convince other blacks to join the Republican party. She was in tears over it and if I remember correctly she resigned from that Republican club.

Then last week we had a pinhead Republican state senator in South Carolina call Nikki Haley, who will likely be the next governor, a "raghead". Haley's parents are Sikhs who came to America from India.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the raghead remark was calculated. It was said to remind certain voters that Haley is one of those brown people and maybe she is one of those muslims too. These assholes aren't terribly subtle.

A person could be deaf, dumb and blind and still see why the Republican Party has a wee bit of a problem with minorities. And a few token nominees won't solve it.

Full frontal lobotomies for some of your party's leaders might be a more effective start.

Steven Osborne


I guess when the "Progressives" called Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, that was not racist.

I guess when Barbara Boxer, talked down to a black businessman in that congressional hearing...I guess that wasn't racist.

We can go back and forth about this all day, or we can acknowledge the fact that there are racists in both parties, and that racism is bad.

Please do not refer to Republican minority candidates as "token" candidates. They are are candidates for the United States Congress that deserve all of the respect and dignity that would be shown to a Democratic minority running for that office. Minorities, whether running as Republicans or Democrats for office are not tokens, they are people who will be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.


Steven, there are stupid people who say and do stupid things in all political parties. There is no debate on that point. But we aren't talking about individuals. We are talking about a political party. And when vehicles of official communication of units of a political party are used to disseminate the types of things I mentioned in my first comment it is entirely more serious and indicative of the problem than the actions of individual members of a party.

This post trumpets the nomination of a handful of minority candidates as if it represents some sort of sea change in the Republican Party. As if a few non-white nominees means that you all have suddenly become the party of Lincoln once again. It just ain't so.

There has not been a black Republican in the House of Representatives since J.C. Watts left office in January 2003. Even without robust participation by minorities it is hard to keep the number at zero. A thinking person might conclude that this is indicative of a problem with the party. That minorities are being made to feel somewhat unwelcome.

You can blow off the things I pointed out with your, "well, some Democrats say and do stupid racist things too" comment. I think that you are burying your head in the sand.

Take Nikki Haley in South Carolina. She is sharp as a tack and if she wins in November will get lots of exposure in a national Republican Party trying to prove it really isn't lily white. She was called a "raghead" by an ally of one of her primary opponents. And that wasn't just some dumb redneck making an off the cuff remark. It was calculated.

Haley's parents are Sikh immigrants. She is a Methodist. The comment was calculated for a significant section of Republican primary voters. It was to remind them that she is one of those brown people and that (wink,wink) she may be one of those Muslims rather than a Christian.

Do you think this sort of thing may have something to do with the total lack of black Republicans in either house of Congress? If you don't you are in an amazing state of denial.

I often hear Republicans express befuddlement at their inability to attract minority voters much less minority candidates. Talk about clueless. And a J.C. Watts or Bobby Jindal gets overexposed in the rush to use them as "proof" that the party has no problem with minorities.

The funniest thing is when Republicans pretty much indicate the problem is with the minority voters themselves. That if they were just smarter they would know that they should be voting Republican. Surely it can't be anything in the messages being sent.

You can take offense at the use of the word token. You can claim it shows disrespect for your small group of minority candidates. It's use was intended to illustrate the giant blind spot you seem to share with most in your party.

When you make people feel unwelcome, they are not usually in a hurry to join you.

Steven Osborne


What "blind spot" am I demonstrating? I did not deny that racism exists in the Republican Party. I have witnessed it myself. Ironically, much of it comes from former "Dixiecrats" who got mad when all the blacks started joining the Democrats so they jumped over to the GOP. They may be Republican in name, but they usually end up supporting enhanced spending and the like.

However, this small group has limited power within the party structure and does not shape the party message writ large.

I will say this, though, that subtle racism is just as bad as obvious racism. Some Progressives have treated minorities as if they are automatically a dependent class. In North Carolina, when a local community removed the party affiliation label from their town ballots, the Obama administration said that black voters would be disadvantaged. Why specifically mention black voters? Black voters are just as capable as white voters at figuring out who is running with what party.

The Progressive establishment continues to support federal funding for Planned Parenthood. An organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a believer in eugenics who founded the organization to weed out the ethnic immigrants around the 1920's.
To this day, Planned Parenthood continues to build its abortion facilities in predominately minority neighborhoods. Why does the Democratic Party continue to support this organization?


Steven, my but you are all over the board. The blind spot I am referring to is the very obvious reason that the Republican party performs so abysmally among black voters.

I mentioned the denial of how unwelcome blacks are made to feel in the Republican party by the characterization of minorities by so many Republicans. I mentioned the habit of so many Republicans to attribute the party's poor performance among blacks to black voters not being smart enough to vote Republican.

Seriously. If I told you that if you were smarter you would vote for me (implying that you are just too stupid to see the wisdom I represent) do you really think you would be more likely to vote for me in the future? Hardly. Republicans don't make the sale and then blame those not buying rather than look at the possible defects in the product that may be hampering the sale.

I'd say that is one damned big blind spot.

You're characterization of the Southern realignment is a bit fanciful I think. And if you think the predominant racial attitudes in the GOP are something isolated and exhibited only by former Democrats in the South you are either a poor student of history or you see the Republican problem more clearly than you let on and are attempting to construct flimsy alibis to excuse it.

First of all, Dixiecrat is getting to be a pretty antiquated term. Its genesis coincided with the walkout from the 1948 Democratic convention over a civil rights plank that had actual teeth in it. And when the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s were passed Lyndon Johnson predicted the South would be lost to the Democratic Party for a generation. He was wrong. It was lost for two generations. The shift of the old segregationist haters to the Republican Party picked up steam with Nixon's Southern Strategy. And it was complete by the Reagan years. You remember Reagan? The guy who launched his campaign in Philadelphia Mississippi. Talk about powerful symbolism!

Today the Republican Party is very much a party of the South. Hell, you don't even have a single Republican Congressman in all of New England. And you say the Southerners have limited power within the party? That is laughable. Jim DeMint called the tune of total obstructionism in the Senate. That is little influence?

You go ahead and kid yourself that the Republican "brand" is just dandy. That having a few token black faces as nominees is all you need to appeal to black voters. You don't need to make any changes. Don't need to address any problems. Everything is just fine. Those silly black folks just need to get smarter and figure out they should be voting Republican.

As I say, that is one whale of a blind spot.


I think the last Republican who had a clue about outreach to minorities was Jack Kemp. But Kemp is dead now.

And the Republican Party stubbornly refused to listen to him on the subject when he was alive anyway.


What did Republican President Richard Nixon say about Black and Abortion? Learn more in a documentary called: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America (http://www.maafa21.com)

G. Allen

Can I ask a question?
What's wrong with not agreeing with the way people choose to live their lives? I am a strong republican and very proud of it. If I choose to be republican because of my very conservative beliefs, then so be it.

Most, not all, african american people that I've known over the years do not have the same beliefs as I do. I don't believe the government owes me anything. I choose to work for what I have, and teach my children the same. I tip when I eat out at a restaurant, I pay my taxes on time, and I believe that anyone can find a job and DON"T believe that anyone should be entitled to welfare.

The obvious is the obvious. The majority of people in american prisons are that of a race that is not Caucasian. Again, I stress majority. Might this be because they think different then I?

Call it what ever you'd like. If I choose to involve myself with people who act and think like I do, then I guess I am a racist. I prefer to think that I just choose who I would like to conduct business and personal relationships with. The freedom to involve myself with whomever I choose, or don't choose.

I don't hate anyone or make a scene in public. I don't go out of my way to befriend those whom have alternative beliefs about what being an american is all about.

It just so happens that the GOP party has the same beliefs as myself.

That's what is great about America! You can choose the life you want to live, believe and become.
I've read enough already of this nonsense about republicans being racist and holding a grudge to the minority.

Um, I think the caucasian republicans are the minority these days. Do I complain? NO! Do I give a damn that we have a black President? NO! Would I have lunch with Obama? Again, NO!
It's my choice, my life. Deal with it and be the best person you can be. If you don't like it, then you are free to move to another country like Sweden.

I'm sure you will be missed by your lack of collecting welfare or using our free healthcare system. Just do us one favor, please take all your home boys with you.

A 100%, true blooded, American Republican Girl

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