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June 14, 2010


rockin and rollin

And don't forget to mention one of the newest rock stars of the constellation, Kristi Noem of South Dakota. This lady will be Speaker of the House within 4 years. Bye, Bye Boehner.

You Betcha!

I understand Sarah Palin's folks are trying to get a photo op with Lady Thatcher in order to increase Palin's foreign policy credibility. But apparently they have not made any contact with David Cameron to try to set up a meeting with him.

One wag familiar with the situation said, "I don't think any of them even knows who Cameron is.".

You gotta love it. And John McCain proposed putting this nitwit one septuagenarian cancer survivor's heartbeat away from the Oval Office!


Dan is Back

You Bitcha,
Are you Dan, or some other sort of Connolly creepazoid?

You Betcha!

Palin was on Fox yesterday saying Obama should have sought the help of the Dutch with the oil spill in the Gulf. Because the Dutch know about dikes and reclaiming land from the sea and stuff. I am not sure what that has to do with stopping an oil leak a mile under the ocean, but it seemed to make sense to her. O'Reilly looked a bit puzzled. I don't think he could figure out what the hell she was talking about either.

I think you are on a fool's errand in trying to discern any meaningful legacy from Palin's brief time on the political stage. She is hardly a serious player. Or one who is likely to have any lasting impact.

The only lasting lesson of Palin is not to get too gimmicky with your Vice Presidential pick. Even if you clearly need to throw a Hail Mary pass to shake things up.

I can't believe that political professionals thought they were going to pick off disgruntled Hillary supporters with Palin simply because she has a uterus. What a monumental miscalculation.

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