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June 11, 2010



As a former local Unit Chair, I continue to think it's a very bad idea for the party infrastructure to be too aggressive in endorsing. It's especially a problem "when endorsing down." By that I mean when you're endorsing in a race over which you have procedural control, you should stay neutral. For example, in Fairfax, that would include Board races, HOD races, State Senate races, and probably Congressional races. When you're "endorsing up" (races that go way beyond your jurisdictional boundaries) it's slightly different but not much.

It's why I was one of the last to endorse in the AG race, why I didn't endorse in our District Chair race and why I didn't endorse in local elections.

Your endorsement has almost no value and just causes huge unnecessary divides. Hope you folks in NOVA are able to heal and heal quickly. The rest of us need you leading the way in 2010 and 2011.

VA Blogger

It should be pointed out that Anthony Bedell and Becky Stoeckel's endorsements of Herrity were personal endorsements, and both FCRC and the 11th District Committee were 100% neutral during the primary.

I would also not be so quick to cast motive for why they endorsed Herrity. I think it was less a calculated move as you think, and more of a product of Herrity's prior involvement with the County Party and the 11th District Committee.

Finally, its my belief that not every primary has to be divisive. What causes divisiveness is if one side takes an absolutist "us versus them" approach, and that definitely happened in this race. And this blog contributed significantly and continuously towards that mindset as well.

Finally, if some Tea Partier in Springfield wants an authentic fiscally conservative candidate for Supervisor who has cut spending and cut government, they need to look no further than Pat Herrity.

Why do you think the 39th Senate District will be a mini-battle?


cause its clear to me that Scott Martin doesn't have much institutional support and depending on how redistricting goes I think we will see someone jump in that the party wants to support. I know people aren't happy that someone dared to take on Jay in the primary.

And its naive to differentiate a personal endorsement as somehow being separate from his job. Everyone knows who he is and what he is and that is why his endorsement mattered.

The Bulletproof Monk

Chris....your pathetic outlook and your less than honorable attacks against Herrity are what have sealed Fimian as a nasty little "attack dog".
With both men rolling in the gutter (Fimian is equally as low as Connelly after the shit he and his pathetic minions pulled) I'm pulling all of my support for either, and watching the mud-sling from just out of reach of the mud.

VA Blogger

So in your scenario, Scott Martin is the tea party candidate that the establishment doesn't get? Is there any particular reason for this, or just the fact that he challenged O'Brien in the primary?

I just think its premature (and possibly self-fulfilling) to make that claim, especially since there's only one candidate in the race right now. Not every primary is fought along ideological fault lines (real or imaginary).

Rick S.

I believe that Herrity is a good person who cares greatly about local issues. No one will be able to touch him in Springfield. His support is very deep there. I believe he rang up 70-30 splits in a bunch of those precincts. I don't think this will cause any long term issues in the FCRC. However, the claim that the FCRC was neutral is only correct in the technical sense. Most everyone with power in Fairfax County was supporting Herrity.

Not Jim Moran

How is the the 39th Senate race going to be a mini Fimian-Herrity battle now that there's only one candidate in the race?

It's Over

VAB and BPM,

Fimian attacked Herrity for a vote on the Board of Supervisors, using quotes lifted directly from the minutes.

He might have mischaracterized what Herrity did, but he was at least targetting a piece of Herrity's record in public office and sticking to the facts he could demonstrate with public records.

It amazes me that people are so thin-skinned as to consider that somehow below the belt. Herrity made a vote. He made that vote in his official capacity as a Supervisor. The attack concerned the vote compared to his statements as a candidate for public office. The attack from Fimian never touched Herrity's family, nor his personal life, nor his staff.

Herrity's campaign first howled in outrage, then tried to ignore Fimian. His campaign apparently believed that the attack was meaningless and that no-one would believe it. They were wrong.

While it's true that the average tax payment went down, that wasn't true for everyone and Fimian hammered that truth relentlessly. No matter how many times Pat Herrity said he didn't increase taxes or tried to explain how "average" taxes work, there were thousands of voters who could look at their own tax bills and say "Yes you did". For most voters, truth is what they can see in front of their own eyes.

When Herrity's campaign realized that the attack was WORKING, they did not respond in a way that would provide an alternative narrative to the campaign or bolster the case for making Pat Herrity the Republican nominee, but paniced and went negative themselves. But they didn't go negative in any way that was effective, but simply started recycling Gerry Connolly's old attacks on Fimian.

The tax lien? Too many Republicans remember that attack 2 years ago and know too well that it's bogus. Worse, it was perceived as below the belt by voters. It didn't address Fimian's statements as a candidate, nor his policy positions, nor his lack of experience in office, nor his tendency to mouth off, nor anything even remotely meaningful to running for Congress.

Still paniced and desperate, Herrity's campaign apparently next turned to churning the rumor mill with a variety of stories about Fimian's family and Fimian's business. To the few of who either read blogs or are involved locally, those smears had little impact. Keith Fimian was already a known quantity, including some of his flaws.

None of that is to ignore the malicious behavior by supporters of the two candidates on the blogs. Some of the commenters on both sides said some truly vicious things about others, making personal attacks that were well below the belt.

But that's to be expected from anonymous commenters on blogs.

If you want a career in politics, get used to dealing with asshats hiding behind anonymity on the internet to be jerks. If you can't handle that, get out of the business. Seriously. You'll be both happier and healthier for it. This business is not for the thin-skinned.

Fimian's campaign couldn't control what some of these idiots were saying on his behalf any more than Pat Herrity could control the asshats speaking on behalf of his. Holding the candidates responsible for what some dumb kid with a keyboard says is as non-sensical as much of what those idiots said.

Looking ahead, we still have a shot to win this election in November and Gerry Connolly is such an incredibly disastrous Congressman that it's in our own interests to support Fimian as the alternative. He's not perfect, but he's a damn sight better than the troll we have as a congressman now.

Redskin Rookie

What just happened in the 11th- we have been Obama-ed. We just nominated someone who looks good, speaks with passion, but says nothing. What we know for sure is that he can run a really good smear campaign.

We have all worked with someone like Fimian- he thinks everyone but himself is incompetent. He just trashed our elected officials- But he, would be able to go to Congress and fix everything because he is "principled".

Well I am principled too, and for that reason I can not vote for Fimian just because he has an "R' beside his name. In his case the 'R' stands for rotten.

I am with you Monk, my wallet and my walking shoes are put away. Maybe they will come out again next year.

local gop

If Herrity made such a big mistake voting for the budget after months fighting to keep taxes low, what would YOU have done? What should herrity have done with that vote? The way I see it he had only a few options:

1) Grandstand, not go to the negotiating table, and the vote would be 7-3 with astronomically high taxes. But, he would have stuck by his guns, never mind taxes would be higher than they are now.

2) Negotiated, and keep taxes lower than they would have been, and shown his support for the budget he shaped by voting for it.

3) Negotiated just like above, but voted against it on 'principle'.

So, you be a responsible supervisor that's not out to score political points. Pick 1.

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