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June 11, 2010


Not Even Close

Republican Party of the District of Columbia

James Young

Well, the New York GOP is just useless. And the SC Democrats are apparently good, at least, for a few grins.


In fairness to the DCGOP, they are at least fielding some candidates for actual Ward seats as opposed to the low-hanging At-Large fruit they used to settle for. (Not that I think any of them have a chance.)

But yeah, as far as relevance the DCGOP has to take the cake. A close second would be the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands.

more local gop

FCRC. Chairman Bedell endorsed a candidate before a primary, lost, and left town on the night of the election.

Very divisive and certainly not visionary.

Another Chris

Yes, Bedell sucks because he attended to a business trip. I have the tar. Who has the feathers? Sheesh.

Brian W. Schoeneman

You'd think all the folks who'd been bashing the FCRC would stop now that the primary is over. Or, at the very least, join and help solve the problems they perceive.

I think South Carolina Dems have to take it. This Alvin Greene business is nuts.

The Red Queen

Another Chris,
No need to T&F Bedell. Like the proverbial self-licking ice cream cone, Bedell tarred and feathered himself.


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