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June 30, 2010



I still think it likely he will become the first Jewish Speaker of the House.

Once he is done with that (he's still young), I can see him serving in a Cabinet roll (Sec. of State?) and getting the executive experience he needs to run for national office. Or even serving as a VP candidate. I do not think he will run for President and - while I am a big fan - do not believe he could or should run for President without some form of executive experience (attorney, state legislator and member of Congress is what we have now).

Lee Talley

There is precedence, James K. Polk.
It can be done.


Polk was governor of Tennessee after he was speaker. He actually lost reelection twice in Tennessee for governor and then became president. kind of a round about way to get to the White House.

Marjorie Morningstar

We need Cantor to be Speaker now! Pelosi thinks unemployment checks create jobs. Yikes!

local gop

cantor should stick with house whip and perhaps majority leader for now. he is very calculating and seems to just want speaker for the sake of being speaker. being speaker means carrying the party line, no matter what principle says because you are party leadership.

cantor is just as conservative as boehner so implying that cantor will fix all the problems and boehner wont is unfounded.

Lillian G

Can somebody please explain what local gop said? I'm not sure if it is the grammar or the syntax. Or, maybe she's just a fool.


I support running a Congressman for President, Paul Ryan, by far the most articulate intelligent elected official in the Federal Government and he is gaining in popularity and knows how to use new media. I don't think Cantor can pull us out of the mess we are in or pull enough independants to get elected, but I have no doubt that Rep. Ryan would be a great President and a great Nominee. He's like Ron Paul but young and without the baggage.

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