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June 09, 2010


VA Blogger

Its Barbara, not Barabara.

Rubio is the former House Speaker.

Its Crapo, not Crapi.

Its Blunt, not Blount.

Its Greene, not Green.

Missouri isn't yet settled, as the primary is not until August 3rd.

Florida isn't yet settled, as the primary is not until August 24th.

Louisiana isn't yet settled, as the primary is not until August 28th (with an October 2nd run-off, if necessary).

Alabama's primary was June 1st, and Sen. Richard Shelby defeated Clint Moser with 84% of the vote; Democrat William Barnes won his primary with 60%.

You left off Georgia, the seat of Republican Johnny Isakson. Two Democrats have filed and will face off in a primary in late July, with a run-off in August if necessary.

You also left off Hawaii, the seat of Democrat Daniel Inouye, who has a minor primary challenge. There is no yet announced Republican, though the deadline is not unily mid-July and the primary is not until September.

You also left off Oklahoma, the seat of Republican Tom Coburn. Two Democrats filed and will face off in a primary in late July.

You also left off South Dakote, the seat of Republican John Thune, though he faced no primary opposition and has no opposition, Democrat or otherwise.

You also left off Vermont, the seat of Democrat Pat Leahy, who has a minor primary opponent and a Republican challenger named Len Britton. The primary is in late June.

VA Blogger

I made an error: its "South Dakota", not "South Dakote". I apologize; I wouldn't want people to think I don't know what I'm talking about.


feel better?

VA Blogger

You only fixed 2 of your 14 mistakes.


In Florida's primary, according to a new poll released today, Meeks trails his rich businessman opponent.

I find it interesting that in Florida it appears that the Democratic establishment/moderates are getting behind the white guy (Crist) rather than their long-time African-American public official (Meeks) while the GOP unites behind their Cuban-American nominee (Rubio). How is it again that the press says the Tea Party is racist but Democrats are open-minded?

Also - just to shaw VA Blogger misses things, too - In North Carolina the primary is over and Marshall will face Burr.

VA Blogger

I guess I can't stop now.

Bruce, Kendrick Meek actually leads Jeff Greene by two points, 29%-27%, though you're right, it is a significant challenge out of nowhere for him.

As for North Carolina, you are half-right. The initial primary took place; however, Elaine Marshall and Cal Cunningham both made it to the run-off, which won't take place until June 22nd.


So are you going to be passive-aggressively nitpicking all my posts because your pissed I was right and you were wrong about the 11th CD race? Get over it, life goes on. Nothing I wrote was wrong, and I left races like OK and SD off because there is no real race. My point was just to outline the big and competitive races out there.

I'll make sure I forward everything I write to my editor first for you. :)

local gop

Actually VAB was only half wrong, he was wrong in that Herrity would win, he was correct in that Fimian ran a sham of a campaign based in lie after lie after lie. No record of his own to run off of so he ran a smear campaign based on gross distortions of Herrity's record.

VA Blogger

Chris, don't be self-centered. Campaigns, particularly Senate campaigns, are a hobby of mine, and when I see a post discussing them rife with errors, I chime in.

Trust me when I say that there doesn't exist enough time in the day to follow behind you and correct you at every point you're wrong.

As for the 11th, there is no such thing as being "right" or "wrong". Are you telling me the only reason you supported Fimian was because you thought he'd win the primary? Of course not. I supported Herrity; so did 44% of voters. I'm proud of the campaign Herrity ran, and proud of his conservative record on the Board of Supervisors, and I have absolutely zero regrets about my decision to support someone who I consider a friend, as well as one of the most honest and genuine people involved in politics. I've certainly had my share of candidates who I support lose, as you have and we all have.

And yes, you still have plenty of errors, including the incomplete primaries in MO, LA, and FL, the completed primary in AL, and misspelled names (though grotesque misspellings are sort of a hallmark of this blog). And if you're only focused on "big and competitive" races, why list Idaho, Oregon, South Carolina, Alaska, Kansas, Maryland, New York, or Utah? None of those are either big nor competitive.


I guess there is just no pleasing some people. Oh well, I might keep spelling Barabara with that extra "a" just to keep you around.

I'l make sure I get my full 8 hours so my posts can be Spiker-proofed.

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