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June 18, 2010



Don't forget Dale Peterson! He has a new video out:


Not Barney's Frank

Kristi Noem, South Dakota.

She'll be the Speaker of the House within 4 years.


How can you leave Alvin Greene off the list. His campaign was certainly one of the most efficient in history. He didn't spend a dime. He did no advertising. No media of any kind. He didn't have any yard signs or even any campaign buttons or stickers.

He just "got the word out" and racked up nearly 60% of the vote in a statewide primary. That is one hell of a campaign!

Contrast that with the obscene levels of spending of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina as they essentially bought their nominations in California. Contrast that with Florida where a man who defrauded the tax payers by cheating Medicare out of millions and millions of dollars may well buy the GOP nomination for governor using some of the money he stole.

A simple unemployed veteran wins a U.S. Senate nomination by running a shoestring campaign. It's a regular Mr. Smith goes to Washington story.

Greene has to make any list of best campaigns.

Just don't ask any pesky questions about where the $10,400 for the filing fee came from. That would spoil the fun.


I also like Kristi Noem, especially since he's pretty hot. That's vain, I know. But it is what it is.

local gop

I think Vaughn Ward who lost the Idaho 1st CD primary had the worst campaign ever. After stealing Obama's speeches, he called puerto rico a foreign country. then after being called out on it at a debate, he responded by saying 'i dont care what it is.' not a very bright thing to do.

local gop

i think you may mean 'especially since SHE's pretty hot.' But hey, I don't judge other lifestyles :)


Have you forgotten Scott Brown already (elected in January, 2010)?

Mario Rubio (R-FL) has driven the sitting governor out of his own party's primary and leads a three way race in some polls.

Garrett Watson

I will stick to VA races

Robert Hurt
VA-05 Won a 7 way race with 48.8 percent after being called non-conservative and bearing the brunt of all 6 other candidates attacks.

Cathy Crabill
VA-01, she is a a complete nut and had the nerve to try to claim Rob Wittman isn't conservative enough.

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