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June 21, 2010



Another interesting note on the "ethnic" history of South Carolina:

The colony of South Carolina elected a Jewish representative, Francis Salvador, around 1774. Salvador thus became the first Jew elected to anything anywhere in over 1,700 years. Francis Salvador urged signing the Declaration of Independence. Less than a month after the Declaration of Independence was signed, Francis Salvador was killed (scalped) in fighting with the British.


Following Ron's history lesson, Judah Benjamin was born and raised in South Carolina. His father was a prominent member of Charleston's large Jewish community. Benjamin moved to Louisiana where he was elected to the U.S. Senate. He later served as Treasury Secretary, then Attorney General and finally Secretary of State for the Confederate States of America -- making him the first Jewish cabinet level official in North America.


Bruce, he THEN moved to England where he became a world-renowed barrister and lawyer in England well into the 1880s. Benjamin is one of the most interesting people of the civil war era. Charleston in the pre-war days was very diverse and also had a large free black population.

Just wondering

And many of those free blacks in the South and in the North were also slave owners. Are the descendants of free black slave owners eligible for affirmative action? Wonder what Jesse and Al would have to say about that?

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