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July 21, 2010


Noma Jenrette

What's the obsession with Bob Marshall? What we need here in Virginia is a good old sex scandal and some racism a la Al Gore and the NAACP. I'm thinking Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran might be up to the task.

J. Tyler Ballance

Forward this information, (without the donation request) to the Democratic side, as well. Many Democrats, both elected and supporters, would like to see greater transparency and accountability.

One aspect of this issue that has not been discussed is how, by signing the, "No Tax Pledge" that so many on the Republican side signed, many of these delegates and senators feel that they now must resort to slipping into the budget, tax increases disguised as fees, or by eliminating existing credits.

The "No Tax Pledge" is a classic case of not being careful about what we are wishing for. Instead of stopping the ever increasing taxes, our elected officials on both sides of the aisle, have resorted to creating myriad fees, tolls and tried various underhanded methods (including the attempt to start "Regional Taxing Authorities") in order to hide the tax increases from the citizens.

Crud flourishes in the dark and shrinks away in the bright sunlight. The more openness and accountability, the better for everyone.

Geraldine F

Well, how about that Charlie Rangel? Now, there's a criminal! Reminds me of Gerry Connolly. Both sound alike, same northern Jersey accent. Wonder if they're related?

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