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July 17, 2010


local gop

i wouldnt classify him as a scholar, but ok.


I know, its such a strange tag isn't it?

Professor Plum

Considering that local gop has revealed him/herself to be an illiterate who can't construct a proper sentence, how would said person be able to identify a scholar?

local gop

aside from a handful of typos, a product of running through about 10 blogs in 5 minutes, my sentences are fine. the grammar police are really useless if the only come back is "you can't spell." if i truly cared about spelling i would run my comments through a spell checker, but i really dont have time for that on a simple comment.


I would love to see either Corey Stewart or Bob Marshall go up against Allen. It would almost be a joke. Neither could pull 30%, even in a convention. Don't get me wrong I was a big Marshall supporter over Gilmore and would do so again but he has no chance against Allen. None whatsoever. Yea, one-issue candidates don't play well state wide either.

The problem is Allen is not a typical establishment candidate. Yes, he is a former Congressman, Governor, and Senator but he does not fit the typical bill.

I do think he will have a difficult task of regaining his seat from any Democrat but I do think its possible. I also think we might have some much better prepared candidates like either Randy Forbes or Rob Wittman, who can appeal past the Tea Party crowd. No offense, but Virginia is not Kentucky, South Carolina, or Utah.


Actually . . . Virginia is very similar in some ways to Kentucky . . . though KY doesn't quite have an equivalent of Northern Virginia they do have large areas around Louisville and Cincinnatti. Democrats do very well locally and statewide.

I believe in the power of a message campaign . . . all those guys I just mentioned had huge leads and the upset candidates worked to change minds and make a case. I'm tired of candidates running on reputation and the past.

J. Tyler Ballance

I really like George Allen and I worked hard to help his earlier campaigns. Back then, he was always about promoting our FREEDOM, and reigning-in intrusive government.

During the Bush years, Virginia needed that George Allen to stand-up against the Bush Neocon assault on our Constitution. Instead, we got the George Allen who, when asked about the violations of our civil liberties by Bush, was quoted by Tom Brokaw as saying, "I will stand with my President."

Jim Webb cites Allen's refusal to stand-up for our civil liberties as his initial motivation for mounting a campaign to unseat George Allen.

Unquestioning loyalty is not the proper place for a Senator, or ANY citizen.

I am looking forward to working hard to re-elect Senator Jim Webb.

Tim Travis

pi kappa alpha, largest national men's fraternity, were scholars and were gentlement....

George Templeton

I am with you on this. Allen's time has past. The GOP in this state has moved on from him. Allen had his moment and blew it through his own stupidity. That alone means you don't deserve another chance.

I'm With Stupid

How "J. Tyler Ballance" or any other absolute idiots who consider themselves conservative or libertarian could vote--much less work hard for--Jim Webb (who is as reliable a vote for Obama/Reid/Pelosi, et al, as Allen ever was for Bush) is beyond me.

Effing nimrod.

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