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July 17, 2010


Kris Amundson

Chris - you're right. The issue is that once people get into the system, it's like they got on an escalator. (Well, except a Metro escalator, of course.) They just get carried along. You are absolutely on target to keep raising this as an issue.

Stafford resident

Chris - you are way off base on this. There are a number of "facts" in the story that are completely wrong. This is a case of trying to create smoke where there is no fire.

Number one there is no teen room a the library. There are activities held at the library from time to time for teens and other age groups, but there was none the morning of the incident. When approached the kid fled. The responding officers didn't see that there was significant threat so they did not pursue, but did put word out on the radio of the incident and for others to be on the outlook.

Second the officer (Deputy Calverley) was alerted of a suspicious individual in the area. He was walking the school grounds. He is a school resource officer which is a deputy assigned to a school to provide security as well as provide information to students and staff. School resource officers are one of the best tools the sheriffs office uses.

The kid approached Deputy Calverley aggressively and without provocation attacked the officer. Deputy Calverley responded by using force. The kid pulled the pepper spray from the deputy's belt. Deputy Calverely suffered a severely broken ankle in the altercation.

The kid and his mother's story has changed so many times it doesn't even warrant a second look. At one point they claimed he was tasered. To which the prosecutor's office basically laughed at because school resource officers do not carry tasers nor are they required to be trained on their use.

This is a disgusting abuse by the kid's mother to attempt to bring dishonor the Stafford County Sheriff's office by claiming this was racially motivated. It's a shame that incidents like this will do nothing but cause damage to race relations. The kid is not the victim, outside of being a victim of his mother's incompetence.

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