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July 17, 2010


VA Blogger

It's not that you backed Fimian, it's that you supported every single attack on Herrity's record, regardless of its veracity or how it was spinned. I tried multiple times to get you to separate your support for one candidate from agreeing lockstep with every claim he made the other (and by extension both other Republicans on the Board). You resisted that suggestion. Every. Single. Time.

Yolanda P

No doubt about it. VA Blogger is a bigger jerk than local gop. Didn't think that was possible.

local gop

and the character assassins/blog trolls are back...sigh.


okay . . . again . . .FOR THE RECORD . . . what angered me about Herrity is him talking a big game when hie record clearly indicated otherwise. I got upset that he waled around claiming that he never raised taxes when he clearly DID. And instead of explaining why he did it - he just called Fimian a liar even though he had the county minutes. Sorry, not a fan of someone trying to pretend they are something they weren't.

But as it is . . . do you guys agree that Cook's reelection is the linchpin of 2011?

Time to move on ...

VA Blogger, please, let it go. Maybe spend your time helping Herrity retire his debt if you care so much. Chris summed it up quite well in his FOR THE RECORD response.

Depends for Local

Local whines about character assassins. None are needed when Local and VA constantly soil themselves. All that is required is to call it to their attention.

Herrity did the same thing. That's why he lost.

Cook's success will be define the moment. Chris is correct.

local gop

i love how those hiding behind anonymous blog posts are the first to sling mud.

Nigel Bennington

Local Gop,
Are you not the bloke that calls people idiots and morons?

The Donkey

Cook cannot get re-elected as a partisan Republican in Braddock.

But unless he runs as a partisan Republican, he has little weight as an anchor of the area GOP.

Also, if Cook is going to run on constitutent services he needs to spend adequate time in the magisterial district. Cook took on too much when he decided to keep his law practice AND be Braddock supervisor AT THE SAME TIME.

Mike Gropman

I am on the Fairfax Democratic Committe, I live in the Braddock District. Supervisor Cook will be tough to beat. I took a class that was sponsored by the his office. The class was 6-7 weeks. In this class the students were taught how the Fairfax County Government works and what services it provides. Supervisor Cook was ther for the first class and was quite impresive. About two weeks ago, I attended a Braddock District Council Awards cemonory. Supervisor Cook was imressive and he is a good speaker. As a Democract I do not agree with him, but he does provide through his staff good constuient services.

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