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October 10, 2010


Another Chris

Scott Brown remains popular with the Tea Party? Because all I hear from the Purity™ Brigade is how much of a "RINO" he allegedly is.

I do love me some Chris Christie though. I'm not sure he's ready to be President and I do not think he actually wants the job. But he's a very attractive candidate. I think it also shows the yearning for another option rather than the tired old '08 retread Mitt-Palin-Huckabee trio.

Woodrow Hardy

Certainly Huckabee and Romney are no longer viable as presidential candidates. Palin may not choose to run, but no one will be president without her support.

Chris is the only person I've read who seems to "get" what the Tea Party is about. Regular, normal, hard working Americans who play by the rules and now demand that the political establishment also play by the rules.

Statists and elitists need not apply. Charlatans and demagogues need not apply. Racebaiters and haters need not apply. Ethnocentric bario and ghetto bosses need not apply. Socialists and income re-distributors need not apply. Single issue Sexual, cultural, and environmental extremists need not apply. Union thugs need not apply.

Well, that about describes the Democrat party. The Tea Party is standing up to that rabble because the Republicans couldn't or wouldn't. Good riddance.

Good job Chris.

local gop

what xactly is a sexual extremist?

VA Blogger

Krystal Ball?

Woodrow Hardy

Local, I'm sure you're going to xplain it to us.

Bethany Lewis

Don't worry Woody. That local yokel is an xpert on everything. I'm sure he'll xplain it. But, like all of his posts, good luck understanding he next rant.

Another Chris

VABlogger wins the thread ;).

Woodrow, you clearly dislike local gop, which is fine. But you were the one who referenced "Sexual Extremists". I don't think it's being a dick to ask what that means.

Walt Plumber

Wow dude. Try using a dickshunairy.

Not Christine O'Donnell

If local gop had been closely following the tea party and tea party darling and Republican Senate nominee from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell he would know what a sexual extremist is. It is anyone who masturbates.

Difficult to believe the tea baggers are practicing O'Donnell's views in that regard. Seeing as how so many of them are such complete jackoffs.

Dave Larsen

There you have it folks. The friends of local gop ride to his side.

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