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October 17, 2010



Probably for the best. This makes room for someone better suited to running a real campaign.

local gop

could be seeing tom davis jump in....


Look for someone more involved in the GOP to run...and the dems are gonna have a bullseye on Cooks back, the real question is who they run....is it Moon again or some political newcomer


"Its really too bad Pat Herrity had to go chasing windmills in a run for Congress that nobody but his closest adherents wanted"

It is too bad. But, the entire Republican establishment including the FCRC and Anthony Bedell lined up behind Herrity. Bedell, even endorsed Herrity over Fimian. But, most voters just saw Herrity as a moderate opportunist. Bedell's actions caused a huge rift in the Republican family that has yet to be healed. Has anyone seen Herrity's supporters supporting Fimian with any enthusiasm?

Bedell, Davis, and the FCRC caused this train wreck. Nobody should blame Horinko for not wanting to be a sacrificial lamb.

Tom Davis is a RINO's RINO. Conservatives won't support him. And liberals will vote for the real thing.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Meagan, come on. That's a bunch of nonsense. Fimian is the nominee, and it's time to stop whining about the primary. If you'd been at the Pancake Breakfast, you'd have seen a lot of Herrity supporters, including me, supporting Fimian with plenty of enthusiasm.

The entire Republican establishment is behind Fimian now, just like we were in 2008.

Stop playing games.

VA Blogger

Chris, everyone including yourself thought that Herrity had a good chance at winning the nomination (and the general election in the fall). That's not "chasing windmills", which is a literary reference I'm sure you don't actually understand.

It's also contradictory when you say "no one but his closest adherents" wanted to see him run when you've been bitching from the very first second Pat got in the race that he had so much support. Keep in mind Herrity lost the primary by the same margin Fimian lost to Connolly in 2010. You're confusing this with your tiny and insignificant band of armchair activists who had in mind "The Plan" for Fimian to run for Congress and Herrity to run for Chairman, and never got over the fact that people decided to make up their own minds rather than play as pawns on your stupid little chessboard.

Finally, its a bit early to be fretting this much about 2011 races, especially since the primaries/conventions/nominations likely won't be held until next August, or 10 months from now.

As for the question of, "why isn't we seem incapable of getting our shit together in this race", you're acting as if this has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. It hasn't. There's been one candidate, and she dropped out a few months after expressing interest in it. That's it. And if you're wondering, no, I didn't have to repeat your question verbatim, but I so thoroughly enjoy your misguided attempts at English.

VA Blogger

Meagan, your opinion is wrong and moronic. "Most" people liked both Herrity and Fimian, and thought Fimian was the more conservative option because he outspent Herrity and spent his resources distorting Herrity's record. Only those who thought Fimian was entitled to the nomination and have a blurry view of reality considered Herrity to be any more of an opportunist than Fimian.

Bedell never made any "actions"; he expressed a personal opinion. Any belief of a "rift" in the Fairfax GOP exists only in the minds of a few deluded individuals; nearly every other Republican is perfectly fine. You can point out the rest easily because they're the only ones still fighting a primary that ended 4 months ago.

Tom Davis had nothing to do with the 2010 Primary so I'm not sure what he did that made you point to him as a "cause" of the trainwreck. The only endorsement he's ever made for this seat is of Keith Fimian in 2008.


So I'm sure you have a Fimian sign in your yard. And surely Herrity has one in his yard.

local gop

Tom David is the ONLY republican in the past 3 decades that's managed to win the Chairmanship...

obviously your analysis is wrong because someone voted for him.

local gop

Either way Cook should be fine. Local supervisors races aren't about parties, they're about local connections and being a part of the community. That is why cook will win again. That is why cook won in the first place. Voters in Braddock will Vote for Bulova for Chairman, then cross ticket and vote for Cook.

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