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October 08, 2010


local gop

they were the establishment before the establishment was the establishment...i get it now.

Jimmy Earl

Local doesn't seem to get much of anything.

Another Chris

I agree, Jimmy. You know what we need in Virginia. Some Christine O'Donnell. Anything less of a true conservative is just asking for trouble!

As for Allen, meh. 2006 left a *really* bad taste in my mouth. Not his loss, but the way he lost. The macaca thing was just bizarre - as was his response to it and the way his campaign fumbled about. And I think you're right that Allen hasn't adapted to the changes of Virginia. The irony for him is that the Senate seat would have been his for as long as he wanted it (or until he embarked on what would have assuredly been an ill-fated Presidential run) had he not blown it in such a monumental way.

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