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January 06, 2011


Dave Hoffington

Time for Albo to go. No Conservative is he. Just another pretender.

local gop

I find it interesting that you did not post the other side of the story.

Albo points out that this would only apply to companies that do business in Virginia. Just because their physical location is not in Virginia does not mean that they should be exempt from business taxes in Virginia. Albo also makes the obvious (well, apparently not THAT obvious) point that this also serves as a dis-incentive for companies to move into Virginia.

It would generate a hell of a lot more money than selling the liquor stores, of course that will never happen anyway.

Maryland and DC do it, why shouldn't Virginia? What competitive edge would we be losing if EVERY state in the region does it as well? Oh, that's right, money magically falls from the sky in Virginia to fix the roads. I forgot.

Don't want to pay an abuser fee? Don't speed, or drive drunk/recklessly. Seems simple enough to me. Of course it should have been applied to all drivers and not just Virginia residents.

Of course my radical liberal view of being punished for committing a crime or taxing companies that do business in Virginia (gasp!) will be sufficiently met with slews of personal attacks by random first and last name generated comments.

VA Blogger

Chris, I'm confused why you brought things like "big government" and "mistakes by both parties" (presumably referring to previous tax increases and a rise in government spending) when talking about Albo's proposal.

It seems pretty clear that Albo is looking to raise revenue for transportation. It's not like he's proposing a new government program, or suggesting an initiative that's best done by the private sector. I think everybody in the state can agree that we need more money for transportation. That need is not borne out of any "big government", and while it is the mistake of both parties, it is not due to any big spending. To the contrary, it's due to too little spending on roads, or at the very best, not enough spending on roads due to too much spending elsewhere.

I get your recent arms-length embrace of the Tea Party, and your almost-but-not-quite attempts at RINO hunting. But if you're going to go after "big government Republicans" (to borrow a phrase from Keith Fimian, appropriately lacking the proper rationale to support it), why go after Del. Albo on an issue meant to raise money for transportation?

And if you're that much against his non-Virginians tax, then what's your proposal to fix roads?


Because the system is flawed no matter who we tax, and I don't trust Dave Albo for anything after his continued embrace of abuser fees. We've tried raising taxes, we tried having unelected regional tax authorities, and now we are going to tax out of state business? None of it works until we can ensure that the manner in which the state allocates the transportation money is based on usage and not mileage of road. THAT has to be the first thing we do . . . the Virignia budget has grown by the tens of millions since 2001 and the roads are still shitty. I drive on them just like you do. And then I come out here to Warren and Shenandoah Counties were I work and the roads are spotless, its maddening.

Actually, my plan is similar to Gov. McDonnell . . . I want to harness our offshore energy capacity and use that money to fund transportation. That makes the most sense because its a new revenue stream with taxing folks during a depression.

But what I know, right? I'm just an uninformed, unreasonable Republican.

@Kyle - If DC and Maryland do anything, I don't want to do it. Those localities are disasters. Maryland has the same transprotation issues as we due with higher taxes, they should be a warning to us.

As for your comment about abuser fees, I'm not quite sure you understand or remember exactly what Albo proposed. People were getting fines of upwards to $2,000 for speeding - and you know how it is here, you need to drive 10/15 mph over just to keep up on some roads. It was an outrageous move by Albo and he still wants to bring them back, and it doesn't hurt him because his law firm handles those cases. Hmmmm. So while its easy for you to snicker "don't speed," when your late for work and suddenly you owe the county $2,000 for a speeding ticket when you pull in $40K only a year, come talk to me there.

McDaniel may be a skid mark but he predicted this comment

Don't agree with Chris here or Ben Marchi...Marchi is full of crap as always. In fact I tend to agree with VA Blogger and localgop. But despite that, VA Blogger and localgop...what a couple of skid marks on the blogosphere. I am waiting for the RedNova headline "Check Out Pics from Last Weekend's Vablogger-Localgop Sweaty Manwich/Turd Sandwich." I can't think of any bigger ass clowns than these two...except maybe that Steven Seagal aka bulletproof monk character.

VA Blogger

Why would you even group the two of us together?

VA Blogger

Chris, you and I, and you and Dave Albo, aren't that far apart on this issue. To rundown:

1) I think everybody in NoVa would prefer to switch from mileage to usage. The unfortunate news is that NoVa legislators don't have fiat power. Such a bill would need to get passed by the entire state, and that won't happen. It's possible with redistricting that the urban crescent will be able to make those changes, but I'm not optimistic. However, that hardly seems like Dave Albo's fault.

2) We also agree about the increase of government spending, and how none of that have gone towards roads. Albo and other Republicans support securing the Transportation Trust Fund. Again, not Albo's fault.

3) Again, you, I, and Albo support offshore energy, and support using that for transportation. The obvious reality, however, is in the wake of BP, it may be a while until such processes even begin, and once they begin, it may be ten years or so until the state actually realizes any revenue from them. Of course that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it, but to count as revenue in 2011 monies that may not arrive until 2025 doesn't help fix our roads.

None of those things make you unreasonable. They're all pretty common-sense measures, and most importantly, they're all agreed upon by all the subjects of this conversation. Unfortunately, for various reasons, those fixes aren't immediately available. While you can hope and wish for a miracle to happen, we still have to drive on these roads. And so while working towards the solutions you prescribed, and others, Albo is also working on this one.

Whether or not you trust him is irrelevant, but its a shame that you just blindly castigate any proposal he puts on the table when he and you see eye-to-eye on a lot more than you're willing to give him credit for.

Dave Albo

The bill is NOT a tax increase on any Va corporation. Ben Marchi got it wrong. It actually is a tax cut on some Va businesses. Current law creates the ludicrous situation where a VA company that has employees in VA and provides a service to a VA business or individual, it pays corp tax. However, if an out of state corp that has no jobs in VA provides the same service in VA, it pays zero. So current law is a disincentive to move jobs here. My bill merely fixes this problem by bringing Va in line with the other states. It is NOT tax increase on VA companies. In fact, it will cut taxes on many VA companies that are currently double taxed.


The problem is I'm not even arguing about tax increase or tax cut, the fact is money that goes to Richmond does NOT come back up here. It just doesn't, and nobody is doing anything to change the basic funding formula. So until someone can convince me that the downstate barons that rule the General Assembly aren't just going to reallocate this to themselves, I won't support anything because its more money being wasted.

VA Blogger

LOL, so you support *NO* ways at generating revenue until the basic demographics of the state change? That's an interesting position, to say the least. Since Albo has been at the forefront of that fight for 18 years, it's odd that you're trying to beat him up at the same time.

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