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February 09, 2011



Honestly I dont think either party's (mentioned) bench is that strong (Radtke, Perriello, Bob Marshall Etc.)

IMHO Kaine and Allen are the best of the group thats either running or been seriously mentioned.

I think the Rs have two good potential candidates (from the bench) in Chris Saxman and Rob Wittman. On the D side I wouldnt mind seeing one of the older guys like LF Payne, or Whitt Clement give it a shot. I would think someone from the GA (excepting Marshall)jumping in at this point is unlikely due to all 140 seats being up this year. Of course they could always start in November


Chris Saxman would be a very interesting candidate - he almost pulled the trigger in 2008 as I recall.

J. Tyler Ballance

Democrats will be asked to rally around someone who has been a champion of Liberty and has rolled-up his sleeves and fought to rebuild our strategic manufacturing base.

In other words, NOBODY.

All we have left in the Democratic bullpen are advocates for Gays, Feminazis, blacks, certain pet unions, and trial lawyers.

We have NOBODY, who has worked to restore our LIBERTY and nobody, who has worked to create real jobs for real Virginians.

On the Republican side, all they can muster is Bush lap-dog, and torture advocate, George Allen.

It looks like Virginians have no real choice for the next Senatorial election.


I wonder if this means he will be leaving to take over Defense or if he will sit in the Senate until the end of his term. A special election would shake things up greatly.


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