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September 12, 2011


Loudoun Insider

Good post - sounds pretty skanky.

Whitney Wilson


How do you know that Senator Petersen is funding Put Braddock First? All you said in the post was that: "So I've done more digging and asking around and this is what I think I've been able to put together. " What did you find that supports your theory?


Oh its all hearsay, but the intel I've heard is that Chap Petersen is funding these candidates or finding ways to get money as to Janet without people having to admit they have.

So if I'm wrong, it can be easily proven . . . Put Braddock First should open up just like everyone else has too.

Whitney Wilson

I think Chap has been pretty upfront regarding his support for Janet Oleszek and Megan McLaughlin. I'm not sure I see the nefarious insinuations you are making about Chap in this post. Even if he is heavily involved in fundraising for their campaigns, so what?

Ha Ha

From what I hear, Chap! is actually using a front group to funnel money to Janet Oleszek so she, in turn, can pay Ben Tribbett.


Its not about Chap, its about the donors who don't want to be associated with Janet.

And its also about the issue of transparency - Democrats and liberals routinely throw this in Republicans faces. Why can't Janet Oleszek and Megan McLaughlin simply raise money through their committees where they have to file regular public reports open to the folks.

What are they hiding? Cook and Hurley submit their reports like everyone else . . . why does Janet Oleszek and Megan McLaughlin think they are above those rules?

Not Larry Sabato

None of this is accurate, especially the comment about me being paid by this committee.

Chris, there are a few trigger points for PAC's or joint committees in VA to file reports, and as soon as Put Braddock First hits those triggers, you will see them on VPAP within the time allowed for a committee to file.

Also, many others you haven't named (including Sharon Bulova) are part of Put Braddock First.

Not Ben Tribbett

Let's see if we can connect the dots here. Not Larry Sabato is the blog of Benjamin Tribbett. Ben Tribbett is the treasurer of Put Braddock First and campaign chair for Janet Oleszyk. Put Braddock First was registered with the Virginia State Board of Elections on 9/22/11, coincidentally shortly after this blog post was written. Their registered address is 1121 Arlington Blvd #839, Arlington, VA, and their phone is 571-312-7426. Google that address and phone and see where they lead. In my opinion, Put Braddock First is the sleazy side of their campaigns. For example, today they are making recorded phone calls "inviting" Democrats to a John Cook event while reminding them that if you support Ken Cuccinelli's vision then you must support John Cook.

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I am not sure but i think Chap has been pretty upfront regarding his support for Janet Oleszek and Megan McLaughlin.

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