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November 03, 2011


Retired Braddock Teacher

Nell is the true school leader in Braddock. Cathy was outlining her plans, as I heard she wins with either Nell or Megan.

Cathy and Patty, the other FAIRGRADE co-founder, are going to bring Steve Hunt in to take Jack Dale's place. Cathy says they can get Phil Pain to agree because he is going to take Patty's place on the board, and Cathy will get some guy named Carlton to get the coalition to join up to back Hunt, too.

Tom Brady

Agreed Nell is a true school issue leader, and a numbers guru when it comes to budget and enrollment specs. Please don't group her with Cook, as he is a political hack, and gamer, and only enriches his law firm and campaign account on the board- pay for play Cook- look at his campaign donations. Nell is the real deal- information, research, truth to improve, and caring about the children in our school system period.


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