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November 09, 2011


Another Chris

Republican performance in Fairfax was an absolute disaster. There needs to be some serious introspection as to what went wrong and what can be corrected in the future.

It's my sense that performance in Arlington and Alexandria was worse than it should have been as well (worse being a relative term) although I'm not sure there what could be changed.


The Republican endorsed FC School Board candidates got crushed. Hard to believe Lolita came in 5th place...despite the WP and both teacher unions support. Again I offered my support in my precinct and was never contacted by her campaign. In my precinct the turn out was about 2 to 1 female. I heard over and over from women voters how negative the Frederick campaign was.


I liked the humor in loser number 7! On a more seruous note I would think Warner is still a possibility for gov on the D side in 2013. Especially if Obama loses.


Add Perriello to the Dem gov consideration


Also, GOP-Corey Stewart/Lt Gov


oooops...sorry, reading too fast...

Anthony Bedell

How can Fairfax GOP be a loser when we didn't lose any incumbents? Losing means we lost something and we didn't... we didn't gain anything for sure... but we didn't the Fairfax election was status quo... Dems held theirs... we held ours... end of story.


Its a reflection on expectations . . . Frederick, Flanary, and Miller were all, at some point, considered to be possible winners. Plus, we got swept in School Board races and the Dennis Husch beating was especially embarassing given expectations. And I think expectations were high because of what McDonnell was able to do in 2009. We came back to earth. Its just my opinion.

Another Chris, ie the Chris from upthread


I love ya'. I think you've been one of the best Fairfax chairs in recent memory and I was disappointed to hear you were stepping down today.

Nevertheless, I can't see how this is anything other than a loss for FCRC. County Republicans were on the verge of extinction after 2008 (60-39 Obama, Senate seats almost completely wiped out in 2007, down to a handful of delegates) & gained significant ground over the next two years - picking up the Braddock seat, coming close in the chairman's race, winning back several HOD districts, almost unseating Connolly last year after a bitter primary (+ McDonnell's outright win in Fairfax in 09).

This year's results are a pretty depressing setback. Perhaps Barker couldn't have been unseated with the Alexandria result regardless, but last I checked, Mr. Baker lost the Fairfax portion of the district as well. Frederick's Fairfax performance was abysmal. Flanary's might have been the least distressing under the new lines, but he still lost in what was supposed to be a good year. Merrick only got 53% in Fairfax. With her landslide defeat in Arlington it wouldn't have mattered, but if she had held her own there 53% wouldn't have been enough.

There were no net gains on the BoS & we couldn't break 40 in Dranesville. Moreover, our School Board endorsed candidates got slaughtered.

Again, it seems hard not to quantify this as a serious defeat.


If Bob Marshall is going to mount a serious bid, he needs to get going. I'm no Allen fan, but he's the giant in the field on the Republican side right now. The Obama team will pour tons of money and organizers into Virginia next year, and part of their strategy will include emphasizing that not only is the Presidential nominee too extreme, but so is the Senate nominee. We need to be united behind the candidate by the time that happens. I don't want to sit down to watch returns next year to see Kaine pull it out somehow.

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