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November 09, 2011



I have come to the defense of Chairman Bedell and Gov. Bob McDonnell. Bob gave the candidates money and helped in any way he was asked to. The responsibility comes to the district chairs and the campaigns to turn the vote out for the candidates. Frederick was supposed to win BIG in PWC and he almost did not make it. He lost in Belmont (this was his previous residence) where other Rs won and also in other precincts were other Rs were able to have more votes than Frederick received. Comparing his performance to 2007 when he won in these precincts, he lost this time in Dumfries, Graham Park, Quantico, Belmont, River Oaks. These are all precincts that he won easily in 2007. With an environment that he bragged was his to win again, he really bombed badly.
This was a BIG PW County loss.


1 more big loser for 2011: All citizens of Virginia are losers because of the partisan redistricting process. When politicians are involved in redistricting, the process is inherently corrupt. This is true whether it is people I like doing it or not.


I was wondering how much the growth of the size and scope of the Federal government over the past 20 years figures in to all this. As the government grows, the (big government-favoring) population of Democrats grows in Northern Virginia. Would a smaller Federal government be of benefit to the VA GOP (especially in NoVA)? Just a thought.

billy bob

Just to rebut something that was said in an earlier post...we did lose a seat...Braddock District School Board (keep in mind it was held by Tessie Wilson, a Republican) and come January it will be represented by Megan McLaughlin (a Democrat)...just saying

Yes We can

I mean whoever actually thought Dennis Husch was a good candidate needs to seriously consider their ability to even consider talking about politics

Ishmail Jones

The other losers are anyone who supported Ramadan. This will turn out to be a huge mistake.

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