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December 29, 2011



Ironically, this oath wouldn't even do what it sets out to.

The Democrats who seek to undermine the Republican primary will do so regardless of the oath. Those on the left who I know who would uphold an oath are ones who would not subvert our primary, while those that seek to subvert our primary care not for oaths and honor.

NoVA Scout

I've more than once taken an oath to preserve, defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. I'm very comfortable with that oath and have lived it. This tinhorn kind of oath reflects the mentality of a political party that gets state monopoly benefits but fears the voters. I doubt that they'll carry through with it.

It reflects a common impression at RPV and among some of the louder elements of the current party faithful that Democrats swarm into our primaries to vote for weak candidates. I don't have enough information to conclusively refute that idea, but I instinctively doubt that it happens on any statistically significant scale. I think it reflects a warped view of the political process that is akin to the aforementioned fear of the electorate.


NoVA Scout, the information that you need about non-GOP voters swarming the primary can be found online and on social media, where Ron Paul supporters are poking fun of the Oath, and plan to sign it, thinking it and the GOP, completely stupid.


It makes me laugh because we all embraces Operation Chaos four years ago. Kind of hypocritical, no?


There is no evidence that Rush Windbag's "Operation Chaos" was anything more than hot air. I'm sure a few of Rush's dildoheads participated, but doubtful enough to have any noticeable impact.

Even if you accept Rush's delusion that it was some sort of significant movement, it hardly had a negative effect on the outcome from a Democratic perspective. Most observers tend to agree that the long primary battle with Clinton made Obama a stronger general election candidate.

The paranoid delusion that some Virginia Republicans seem to have that Democrats are going to hijack their nominating process has no basis in reality either. At least no one has ever presented any statistical evidence to support the notion. Although I'm sure the lack of evidence to support it won't prevent many of the wackier types from accepting it as an article of faith.

For myself, I voted in a Virginia Republican primary only once. And then it was because the candidate was my first choice for the office and I would have voted for him in the general election had he won the nomination. Of course, the other guy got the Republican nomination so I voted for the Democrat in November.

No loyalty oath nonsense was involved in that election. If there had been I'm sure it wouldn't have deterred someone trying to do mischief. But as I say, those types are very small in number. In both parties.

no thx

as long as there is no party registration, this is the best the GOP can do. we need party registration. until then, enjoy your oath.

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