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December 31, 2011


Luellen Fontaine

Please don't vote for Ron Paul, even as a protest.

I have never met a paulista who was not either a druggie looking for legalized dope, a slacker looking for someone else to pay their way, or an antisemite ... a very foolish lot. More paulies are just young and inexperienced takers disguised as libertarians.

If you want to join that crowd, be my guest.

James Young

Probably the right thing, for the wrong reasons and the wrong methodology.

As I understand it (I don't practice election law), qualification for federal matching funds is based upon a formula wholly dependent upon fundraising.

The question I have is this: do we really want to make access to the ballot in Virginia dependent upon the money a candidate raises? Perhaps this would create a good outcome, but I think it's a legitimate question to ask.

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