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December 01, 2011


Martin M. McMartin

Thank God Ken has announced now before big donors piss their money away donating to Bolling. In 2009 Bill had 3 choices, lead, follow or get out of the way and he exposed his weakness by choosing the last 2 options. KC4G!

Mario Manelli

You go Cooch! Show them how it is done.

Nothing wrong with Bolling. But the Cooch is destined for bigger things.

NoVA Scout

The beauty of this for Cuccinelli is that the Democrats are likely to nominate someone even he can beat. For Bolling, it's bad Karma coming home. He'll be made out to be the "liberal" in the nominating process. He's played that game himself, now it will come back to bite him.


Bolling's endorsement of Romney may go down as one of the biggest political blunders of the last ten years in Virginia. It was the opening Cuccinelli needed to make his move.

Let's Be Free

The only thing that has been self-serving about this contest so far is Bill Bolling's pathetic attack on Ken Cucinelli. Bill Bolling is Ronald Reagan's George Christopher. Go Cooch!

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