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December 29, 2011


Jorge Santiago

Ron Paul was a "truther." He has not denied those ideas that I know about.

Any sane person who watched the towers come down and is a truther should not be trusted with a leadership position. Shame on you for crawling under the sheets with a truther person.

Another Chris


I'm not going to get into Ron Paul's idiotic foreign policy because at least that's somewhat legitimate regardless of my own level of agreement.

But how you could associate yourself with a borderline neo-Confederate, Jew-hating conspiracy nut quasi-truther crank is beyond me. The man either should be yanked off the political stage in a butterfly net or he is simply crazy (in which case he should be escorted off the stage by doctors).

As much as is possible with a blogger who is by definition an impersonal stranger, you disappoint me. You're better than this.

Joe Taylor

Ron Paul is neither a Truther nor an Anti-Semite. He is simply a defender of liberty forged in the old Goldwater Conservative mold and frankly that is exactly what this country needs.

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