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January 25, 2012


James Young

I think Bob Marshall is great (except for attacking efforts to keep the GOP primary for Republicans), and I've known him for 20 years. And he'd be much more FUN in the Senate than George Allen. That having been said, I'm supporting George Allen, because he is both a Conservative and the one with the best chance to take back this seat for the GOP.


The only way to protect the unborn in this day and age is to ensure women know of, and can take advantage of, choosing life. Roe v. Wade is not going to be overturned. I would like politicians to be realistic. Changing a word, adding a word, is merely an empty gesture.

Dulles is a boondoggle, but that has nothing to do with any workmen belonging to a labor union. Metro is falling apart at its core, it is managed poorly (management is non-unionized by definition)and management operates behind closed doors (Marhsall is on target there). It is unrealistic to think they can build a good, on-time and on-cost extension. Anyone who thought this was going to be built underground and on budget must believe in Tinker Bell, too. MontCo just went for bus rapid transit.

I am fine with preventing banks from foreclosing on the primary residence of someone who is refinancing, as long as there is a good faith and timely refinancing effort going on, and that effort is completed within a reasonable time frame. Banks wrote a lot of loans to people who shouldn't have gotten them. The least the banks should have to do is let the people negotiate better terms. That benefits the mortgagor and the mortgagee. I resist calling a mortgagee a homeowner. If it ain't paid for, you really don't own it. Mortgages are business deals, at the core, but the banks hold more of the cards.

There is no reason to end the HPV vaccine. HPV is strongly linked to cervical cancer. That sort of preventative medicine should occur between doctor and patient, and the state should neither mandate nor peddle drugs. Drug companies used states to market their vaccine and states let them. I remember getting a bunch of HPV vaccine lit at one of the RPV Advance gatherings and thinking, What?! HPV is not spread through the air or water like measles or polio. I'm not going to give it to you by sitting next to you in class, so it shouldn't be required for that reason. However, all vaccines carry risk. If Marshall wants to have Virginia pay for anyone made sick by an HPV vaccine, which is kind of unlikely event, is that position consistent with what they'd do for someone made sick these other vaccines like MMR and polio? There are a very small number of people who will actually get polio from exposure to polio vaccine, yet we seem to accept that risk since polio is so bad.

100% with him on loyalty oaths. They are such silly things.


I would have supported Bob Marshall if he had gotten into this race 6 months ago but he is starting to late to have an impact. I'm sticking with Allen.


Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a CANDIDATE who...could WIN statewide?

Robert Kenyon

Allen just hasn't learned from the past as I hoped he would. Bob Marshall for Senate, despite his nuttery on social issues, he'd be a real warrior in the Senate.

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