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February 24, 2012



Quick few notes:

1. There are no teachers' unions in Va, only their association, the VEA. Maybe a distinction without much of a difference, but still a distinction.

2. That cost-to-compete funding is actually a cut from the 80-90 million they had been getting in the last few budgets. And it makes sense - 30k is a good salary in some parts of the state, but it's less than waiters make in Arlington or Fairfax.

Bob Hayhurst

It's curious that you would compare the segregationist policies championed by Senator Harry S. Byrd (massive resistance) to those of the modern day republican party. You do a disservice to both the honorable members of the republican party and the citizens of Virginia they represent.

Your op-ed touchs on issues that need to be addressed by the Senate. Hopefully, with the some statesmanship, the Senate will resolve the budget and we will move forward. Time will tell.

Having said that, while you are entitled to write your opinion on your blog; I find it troubling your facts are wrong. While bigotry is nothing new, it is disturbing to see an attempt to draw a comparison between the disenfranchisement suffered by black Americans and the current petty political disagreements we are seeing in the Senate. It is a terrible comparison you make which makes you appear bigoted and small...

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