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February 16, 2012



I have not focused on the primary much either, being new to the area. But to me, the bottom line is unseating Connolly. This will be a painful slog through the mud I am sure, but of the two other GOP primary candidates I see some promise. I have never seen either of them at an event but their consistency is promising. Vaughn's insistence on making the national debt a moral issue rather than simply an economic one is particularly resonant with me because I have a young child on the way and according to the national debt clock, http://www.usdebtclock.org/ each US citizen is reaching a 50k obligation that will be in addition to the living expenses, student loans, etc, that my new daughter will have to deal with. Obviously the math will fluctuate but the point remains the same. It is very difficult to build a life for yourself in the harsh realities of the real world when you are saddled with expenses from the outset. We cannot do this to our children, they deserve better.

David D

I live in Arlington, just a few hundred yards outside the district. However I've gotten involved because no other House race will be competitive.

I gave each candidate an opportunity to win my support last year. I reached out to both campaigns and attended the Perkins campaign rally. Perkins served the country admirably, but I'm a *policy* person, and he was very light on specifics.

With Vaughn, I was able to speak with him over the phone and get a clear sense of his convictions. He wants to do what Republicans never usually manage to do: shrink government. Ken isn't running with ties to an interest group, he doesn't have insider connections; he won't jack up spending at the first opportunity like the average establishment Republican.

Still, I wanted to speak with Perkins in person in order to gauge his beliefs. Two months went by without hearing from the campaign, and I decided that was long enough. Perkins' camp did eventually get back to me, and I'm not bitter about it, but Vaughn deserved to get an answer from me after taking personal time to make his case. I've been volunteering for Ken this year and will back him as far as he goes.

Lovettsville Lady

The 11th couldn't have been made stronger for republicans if they wanted Connolly's help in opposing a second minority district in the southern part of the state. That would have cost us a seat. Connolly opposed that, providing he got the district that he wanted.

I like Chris Perkins. He knows he has much to learn and he's doing that. He's the real deal, someone who could beat Connolly.

Stephen Spiker

I haven't met Vaughn either, but Perkins is currently running the better campaign.


Spiker - I get the feeling I would like Vaughn more, but Perkins is clearly running a bed campaign from what I can see.

Fairfax conservative

Having been to several events, hearing them speak, looking at the breadth of their support, and considering their fundraising skills, I can tell you that Chris Perkins is by far the better choice. He's straight-shooting, smart, intellectually curious, likeable, and has gravitas.

Ken Vaughn seems to be a nice guy, but he also seems to be in over his head in this race. I understand his frustration with the government, and his personal investment has been huge. But at the end of the day, he needs to realize that he just can't relate effectively to a Democrat-leaning district. I think he should drop out of this race, save his money, and consider a future run for another office -- one that he'd have a better shot at.

Let's face it, Gerry Connolly has to be salivating at the thought of getting to run against a guy like Vaughn who wants to slash education, roads, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense, homeland security, etc. If Keith Fimian couldn't win in a better district with excellent fundraising skills in a fantastic year for Republicans, what makes anyone think that Ken Vaughn, with none of these things going for him, can even come close?

Seriously, how does Vaughn think he's going to get government bureaucrats to vote for 30%+ cuts across-the-board -- including defense and veterans benefits? Perkins has promised to support a balanced budget amendment, which makes sense. But advocating for Vaughn's cuts in this district at the outset of the campaign is suicidal.

Robert Kenyon

It's not close, even if Perkins is currently more organized, bringing 15-20 people with red T-shirts to FCRC events. This should cover it:


The gf wrote that particular entry, not I, but I stand behind it completely. Vaughn For Congress.

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