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March 22, 2012



Agreed. I'm sick and tired of supporting the "nots." "Not Connolly" just doesn't cut it. Ken Vaughn has solid economic ideas based on realistic calculations. He loves his faith without trying to impose it down the throats of others. He's willing to listen to the people he would represent. And most of all, he has an economic plan that is based on more than just the usual Republican platitudes.

I'm glad you posted this.

David D

I understand why people seem to assume that "less conservative = more electable", but that isn't the case. Vaughn has a firm grasp of messaging and knowing what not to say in an area like Northern Virginia. He's a green-eyeshade type, not a Bible-thumper (though he doesn't hide his Christianity).

In most parts of the country, the median voter is to the right of Democrats on social issues and to the left of Republicans on fiscal. NoVa is the opposite.

The 11th is not "strongly" Democratic. It's a "D+" district to be sure, but it's certainly winnable, especially with how far to the left Connolly votes. We need a Republican who can make the case that *Connolly* is the radical one, and Vaughn can make that case all day long off-the-cuff. Fimian came within a razor's edge of winning, despite spending millions, because of a slip-of-the-tongue comment on guns. Ken won't make that kind of error.

Meanwhile it's not as if Perkins is pulling in millions and has big name recognition, such that he'd clearly do better in the general. Not that I think Perkins is a loser by any means, but rather that I don't think the "Perkins is more electable" talking point is obvious the way most people say it is.

I see the hypothetical Vaughn coalition as Republicans, and moderate voters who have an open mind and care about the debt but are scared by Palin types. It's a coalition that Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson cultivated in Wisconsin to win big in a district and state that Obama pulled in '08. Wisconsin isn't NoVa, but it isn't different by 20 points the way people seem to be saying.

Make no mistake, Connolly is the favorite. He's got the money and the name recognition. But Republican turnout *will* be better than in 2008, and with good campaigns in the three federal races it could be enough to pull off an upset.

Bottom line: Vaughn in June; Not Connolly in November. Let's make it happen!

Joe D

Come on now, Ken Vaughn can't keep his story straight to save his life. Do you know why he spoke a libertarian message? Because he was speaking to the COLLEGE REPUBLICANS. AKA Ron Paul supporters. All that you need to do to see who should be our candidate is look at the Fairfax County Republican Convention which took place this past Saturday. When Vaughn spoke no one cared and half of the gymnasium emptied out. When Perkins spoke you had people whooping and hollering and cheering because they recognize true leadership when it presents itself. Vaughn is not a leader and will not ignite the conservatives in the 11th district in the way that Perkins does to win this seat. This is the only congressional seat in Virginia which the GOP has a chance of winning and there is a reason why people from current congressmen such as Duncan Hunter and Sam Graves who are VERY conservative have endorsed Perkins. Even local tea partiers such as Spike Williams have endorsed him! Everyone realizes that Vaughns campaign should have ended months ago-or should have never began- and that he is not fit to be our congressman.

David D

"Ken Vaughn can't keep his story straight to save his life."

I've seen this charge on multiple occasions and have yet to see an iota of evidence to support it. If anything Ken is the most idealogically consistent/coherent candidate I've encountered. Is Ken waffling on something? Flip-flopping? Let's hear something concrete!


first of all Joe, this is the YOUNG Republicans - and I think I'm the only Ron Paul supporter there. So there is that.

I was ALSO at the Fairfax Convention and half the gym emptied out after the voting ended and before any congressional candidates spoke. The only difference was Perkins had interns standing in the back screaming for him. It wasn't from the people in the bleachers. So let's not pretend there was some unstated endorsement from the folks there.

Getting a bunch of interns to scream for you in the back of a gym does not a campaign make.

Joe D

Interns huh? I didn't realize that 60 year old women and retired military vets were classified as interns... I'm sure that they would all have something to say about your blatant degradation of who they are just because you do not agree with who they choose to support for Congress. Oh hey, did Vaughn get his picture up on the FCRC Facebook page because of the convention? No. But guess what? Perkins' "interns" got a picture of all of them cheering for him on the FCRC Facebook page, and if you look at the picture, there is only one person in that group who even looks to be under 30. By the way, it was not just people in that group in the back half of the gymnasium who were cheering for Perkins, he had SEVERAL applause lines in which the entire gymnasium cheered for him, and dozens of people in the stands chanted his name with the group in the back after his speech ended. So much so that you could not even hear the very beginning of Vaughn's speech. So good try Mr. Chris Beer.

Now for David Ditch... I actually have videos of Vaughn giving different responses to the abortion question I would love to post them here but it does not seem that this website allows commenters to post media in their comments.

Joe D

I also have some more problems with the original blog post... Fimian did not lose because of a slip up over guns. He lost because he divided the party and ran such a negative campaign against Pat Herrity in the primary that over a thousand strong conservatives did not vote in the general because they were so turned off by how he ran in the primary. And if you want to display a candidate that does not appear to be as 'radical' as Fimian then why in the world would you put Vaughn forward? He is running with abortion and the second amendment as two of his big issues this election when those are completely irrelevant issues. Abortion is irrelevant because it is an issue that is currently handled on a state by state basis. The second amendment is also not being threatened in the slightest. If you want to make a stretch for it you could say that the Trayvon Martin case is threatening the second amendment but even that is an outright falsehood because no one is focusing or even mentioning the second amendment in regards to that case because instead the Dems are once again playing the magical 'race card'. So why should we put forward a candidate that is running on issues that are not even relevant? I would love to be enlightened... I also saw this earlier today... http://virginianconservative.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/chris-perkins-for-congress-in-the-11th-not-ken-vaughn/


Take it easy Joe, jeez . . .

Ken Vaughn closest mirrors my beliefs. So I'm supporting him. And yes, most of the people standing in the back auditorium were interns. Maybe not all, but most.

I fully admit that Perkins has all the professional GOP support, and I am surely not surprised that he got on the FCRC page and Vaughn didn't.

And people ARE talking about the second amendment in the Martin case . . . specifically the defend yourself doctrine. Vaughn speaking up on that issue is a good thing, imo.

I don't try and enlighten anyone, unlike others I don't pretend to think that I'm so important that people will take what I say and run to the polls and vote because of it. I'm just a guy expressing his opinion.

As for Fimian versus Herrity, I'm not sure you can say Fimian "divided" the party when he won by 10 points. Pretty clear who the party wanted. And let's not also forget who was on the phone calling social conservatives saying another candidate was getting a divorce. If the party was divided over that primary (and it wasn't, just Herrity himself) it was a two-way street.

not ken vaughn

vaughn was going to primary wolf before he was drawn into the 11th. that's enough for me to not support him.

Robert Kenyon

Joe's commented over at TLZ, too, and clearly needs some Ritalin. As far as that "Collegiate Conservative" blog goes, he was exposed as a serial commenter with more aliases than Tuco from "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly." Once that happened, he deleted his blog. He. Got. Served.


That about covers it. So I woulfn't worry, Chris.

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