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March 26, 2012



There are plenty of opportunities to hear them both. Go listen and make up your own mind. They have bigger fish to fry than each other. Connolly is the target!


irrelevant. connolly wins re-election. for the next 10 years the balance will be 8-3 GOP in VA. the districts were drawn that way and now we have to live with it.

the perkins-vaughn turkey shoot is kind of funny to watch though.

Robert Kenyon

The Post article is accurate. Perkins also pulled out of a candidate forum a few days before the event. I took a pretty hard shot at the Perkins camp for it here: http://thelibertyzone.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/chris-perkins-aka-novas-very-own-version-of-john-mccain/

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