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July 05, 2012


Not Dick Saslaw

Chris, I think some of the malaise with the race is the realization that the district really is no longer that competitive, particularly in a presidential year. It would take a rather large 'game changing' event to oust Connolly. I also think it's only natural that there's some excitement in the fact that a former Democrat - particularly one as high profile as Artur Davis was/is -has not only switched parties, but is willing to run (not an easy or fun thing even if one "wants power") in a tough district under his new banner.

I'd also say I don't think it's necessarily fair to say Mr. Davis is "twisting and turning" their principles. If you look into his record and his statements over the years, he always had a contrarian streak and there's no reason to believe his "conversion" - which has made him persona non grata in the Democratic Party - is anything but genuine.


There is certainly nothing wrong with someone changing their party affiliation. Although how it is done makes a great deal of difference. Far too many have won election and then shortly after changed party. I think that is extremely dishonest to the voters in their districts and I'd never again vote for someone who did that. Others have switched at re-election time or have even resigned and then won the seat again in a special election as a member of their new party. This is straightforward and honest and doesn't deceive the voters.

Davis is free to switch parties. No problem. But to start rumors or encourage talk that you will run in 2014 is a pretty odd way to win favor with members of your new party. Nothing like completely undermining the current candidate in the 2012 race. It's fine for Davis to be ambitious and see this as a possible path for him, but this seems like a truly ham fisted way to approach it.

Seems to me that Davis should do all he can to tamp down any talk of a 2014 race and make himself very visible campaigning for Perkins. That would set him up for a 2014 run. Appearing to assume that Perkins will lose and, worse, appearing to undermine him might (and should) dissuade Republican voters from supporting him for the nomination in 2014.

I'm sure there are Republicans who are positioning themselves for a White House run in 2016 on the assumption that Rmoney isn't going to win this November too. But they wouldn't be so foolish as to make noises about it in public.

Every cycle there are seats that seemed safe that are lost and seats that seemed out of reach that are won. While it is highly unlikely that Connolly will lose his seat in 2012, it is far from impossible. Undermining Perkins effort seems both disloyal and stupid. Certainly not something you would think would make Republicans want to support Davis. Much less do so enthusiastically.

James Lightweis

Come on Chris! We need to support these RINOS

Robert Kenyon

Davis was the most conservative member of the CBC, which isn't saying much. He needs to prove himself for some time as a conservative before we look at him in this role.

That said, Perkins is about to get smoked.

Thank God I'm not Perkins

Perkins is such a mess it's not funny. No one should donate to his campaign because he wastes money. The guy is a joke and gave money to a Democrat in 2010. He is weak on the issues and constantly plays the military card. It didn't work for McCain and won't work for Chris.

I'd rather have Artur Davis in 2014. At least he is prolife and can talk about the issues with relative intelligence. Chris sounds like someone who is an inch deep on the issues.

11th CD outlook: Connolly Sweep 63/37.

James lightweis

Does any voter care about his military service?

Robert Kenyon

He had the backing of the GOP establishment machine. That carried him over the finish line, fortunately for him a lot of the crack didn't start to appear until shortly before the primary date. Nevertheless, Ken Vaughn exposed a lot of his weaknesses, like his fear of debates, his inability to speak in anything beyond the most basic platitudes on the issues, and his history as a go-along-to-get-along type. He may as well be a Dem. I'll go with 59-41, Boss Hogg.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Artur Davis is pro-life? NRTL gave him a 20% rating. And you're going to complain that Perkins gave to a Democrat (a personal friend) when Davis spent 8 years as a Democrat, was in the Democratic leadership, and seconded Barack Obama's nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention?


James, yes, some of us care about his military service, considering Connolly didn't serve. Spending that much time in public service is laudable, and given that Connolly didn't, it's a point where the two differ.

As for his chances, he'll have a lot better chances if the folks predicting a blow out get off their butts and actually help, rather than just armchair quarterbacking.

Thank God I'm not Perkins

I know a lot of establishment folks who supported ken because they saw Chris as an empty suit. He runs around calling himself and old soldier but has no experience or grasp of the issues. Not to mention, he is a huge liberal, who is PRO CHOICE! We've come to such a point...

Brian W. Schoeneman

The alternative is Gerry Connolly.

Pretty easy decision for anybody right of center to make, don't you think?

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