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August 29, 2012



This is a wonderful explanation of what the RINO's are really doing to the common Americans and their effort to make real changes to the corrupt, 2-party system.

Where is the outrage? I division of the Republican Party would not bother me in the least and then they let Obama win again until the Republicans decide to put someone out there as a real candidate that represents the real power in America, i.e. the People!

Virgina Duck Marsh

None of you have a clue what you are talking about. Does anyone hear the black helicopter circling above?

The bus simply got lost. If this was a conspiracy then it involved the following organizations:

-U.S. Secret Service
-Tampa Bay Sheriff's Office
-The bus company

No one agreed with the proposed rules and ultimately the compromise that was outlined passed the convention. But to say that there was an organized plot to keep Morton off the floor is ridiculous and sounds stupid.

The Ron Paul contingent got awfully quiet as the convention wore on. It just proves that these folks are not in it for the betterment of the Party. They are not activists, they are disciples. Truly sad that so many came down to represent Virginia and couldn't be bothered to remain engaged and active throughout the entire convention.

All this group seems to revel in doing is stirring things up by living in some world of paranoia and skepticism. A bus gets lost and the next thing you know Virginia's blogosphere is full of outlandish embellishments and half truths, none of which are close to being correct. Virginia's hotel is twenty miles from the Times Forum. The bus drivers are not all from here and occasionally people get lost. That's before you add in the layers of security and closed off streets.

Chris: You'd be taken a lot more serious if you'd stop posting trivial dribble like this and instead post thoughtful, rational remarks that share the truth about what happens in the political world.


Not sure I agree with what happened at the convention, but it is interesting to note that those who are upset with the Rules change to benefit one part of the party are the same who helped Cuccinelli change the rules in Virginia to get rid of the primary to the benefit of their side of the party.
Just saying...


The method of nomination versus being able to pick the delegates who pick you are two entirely different things.

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