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August 09, 2012


Shaun Kenney

Hold on now... the Israelis and just about every political observer out there are arguing about how we need to "bomb Iran" -- is that really enough to throw you off of Lingamfelter?

E.W. Jackson continues to be rumored, but I get the feeling that he's thinking about some other seat. Pete Snyder just took a job with Fox News... not exactly the stepping stone to Governor Lite.

If you forced me to put a chip down, I'd say it's Cuccinelli/Lingamfelter/Obenshain. Just think of how long the unity ticket bumper sticker will have to be!



Not every political observer is a neo-con nut looking to push for another war in the Middle East.

Anyone who says we "need" to bomb Iran is out of their mind.

But let's not make this thread about Iran.

Chris, a proposition for you about the struggles facing the Republican Party as they look ahead to pick a LG nominee in 2013.

Cuccinelli has obviously revolutionized the Attorney General's office. The state has a history of strong Republican governors implementing their conservative policies.

When's the last time you've had a successful conservative Republican Lt. Governor?

Can you even imagine what that would look like?

And no, a "Jobs Czar" doesn't count.

Stephen Spiker

Are you really writing off Del. Lingamfelter as "underwhelming" and "uninspiring" based on an unattributed story you heard second- or third-hand about something that has absolutely zero connection to the office he's running for?

So much for giving candidates a fair look.


Spiker, I know you worked for him. It was a "first-hand" account. That the fact that it has "zero connection" to the office is what bugs me. Why even talk about it?

As for a fair look, if this is the foursome then Lingamfelter will get my vote at the Convention.

James lightweis

Lingamfelter is a warmonger. I would never caste a vote for him


James . . . its hard to start a war as lieutenant governor of Virginia. There are other issues to consider as well.

Stephen Spiker

Chris, if you "heard a story from an RNC Delegate", then he was relaying that story to you. That makes it second-hand. The fact that we have no context, no quotes, and no attribution about something that couldn't matter less to Virginia politics completely unfazes me, yet it's causing you to call Lingamfelter "uninspiring". I think that's unfair.

If you want to know what Lingamfelter said and why he was saying it, I think you have a responsibility to reach out to the man himself and ask him before reporting unsubstantiated rumor on your blog as a way to write him off as a "true partner" of a conservative ticket.

Citizen Tom

Chris, as far as I know, your post is the only source for the story about Lingamfelter saying we should bomb Iran. That hardly makes Lingamfelter a loose cannon. Even if Lingamfelter actually suggested such a thing as bombing Iran in a conversation with an unnamed source, we don't know what he said, and we have no context.

In fact, there is a real problem. If Iran gets possession nuclear bombs, what would they do with them? The words of Iran's own officials provide considerable reason for concern. Therefore, the possibilities suggested by Iran's own officials argue for the need to bomb their nuclear facilities.

So how does your accusation make Lingamfelter a loose cannon?



It may be hard to start a war as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, but you have Lieutenant in the title! What's stopping Bolling from rounding up the National Guard and taking back West Virginia. Maybe teaching Maryland a lesson while we're at it.



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