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August 09, 2012


David C.F. Ray


You clearly forgot about Pete Snyder.

And there are likely to be more.

Virginia Political Watcher

The stuff about Corey is correct and the comment about Jeannemarie I can understand, but were you there when Scott Lingamfelter supposedly made that comment? Half of what you just wrote is heresay. I would love to see your back-up information on your accusations about Steve Martin, as well, considering he is being supported by one of the most active Jewish Republicans in the state. Don't trash two candidates without proof.


I please guilty to the Lingamfelter charge, that it was something I had heard. But the Steve Martin charge is 1000% real:

"Phillips is not just any conservative activist. He staunchly opposed Cantor, then a state delegate, when Cantor ran in 2000 for the Republican nomination in Virginia's 7th Congressional District against state Sen. Stephen Martin. Cantor won by 263 votes, and Phillips's group, the Faith and Family Alliance, used robo-calls and direct mail to question Cantor's "values" and to describe Martin as the "only Christian" in the race. For years, Phillips considered Cantor a political enemy (and Cantor felt the same way). Not anymore. Phillips told National Journal that many grassroots free-market conservatives--the ones wrestling for power within GOP state parties and at the national level--now view Cantor as their biggest ally at Republican leadership tables. "His actions have endeared him to the free-market movement," Phillips said. "He's come under withering fire, and a lot of people appreciate that."


Then there is this:

Virginia Political Watcher

Since I have read this I have contacted the Cantor people and no one that I have been able to find has a copy of any such recording. Furthermore, the quote you used only mention's Phillips and the Faith and Family Alliance, to which Steve Martin had no tie. This is 1000% (as you say) false and completely inappropriate to smear a candidate for something you say was put out by him when the source you used even says it was Phillips and the Faith and Family Alliance. I really wish you would post a recording of the call in order to prove your case. But seeing as no one has one I think its an urban myth. Nothing of the sort ever happened and even if it did your sources even confirm no tie to Steve, only to the Faith and Family Alliance and Phillips. The article even states Phillips had a personal vendetta against Cantor. So if any robo-call was released as you suggest then perhaps you should be smearing Phillips, the one who is called out for it and even has the motive according to the article, not Steve Martin.


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