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November 14, 2012



Here you go morons

Romney was not a drag on the Republican party. The Republican party was a drag on him. Aaron Blake pointed out in the Washington Post that Romney ran ahead of most of the Republican Senate candidates: He did better than Connie Mack in Florida, George Allen in Virginia, Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin, Denny Rehberg in Montana, Jeff Flake in Arizona, Pete Hoekstra in Michigan, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, Rick Berg in North Dakota, Josh Mandel in Ohio, and of course Todd Akin in Missouri and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. In some cases Romney did a lot better. (He also did slightly better than Ted Cruz in Texas, a race Blake for some reason ignored.)

None of those candidates were as rich as Romney, and almost all of them had more consistently conservative records than he did. It didn’t help them win more votes. The only Republican Senate candidates who ran significantly ahead of Romney were people running well to his left in blue states, and they lost too.



The problem with Palin was not that she was "conservative" (in some sense - what that really means with regard to Palin is hard to discern). The problem with Palin was that she was ignorant and unqualified. She had no business being first in line to succeed a 70+year old president should he die or become incapacitated.

Perry is harder to assess, as he imploded pretty early in the process.

I take the point that you are speaking more broadly than these two individuals, and using them as exemplars, but individuals of such dubious quality could not succeed even at the local level in a political party dedicated to advancing the interests of the Republic.

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