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February 28, 2013


Shaun Kenney

This is tremendous, dude... well done.

Matt Ames

Yes, well done, Chris -- maybe your best post ever.

Let's Be Free

Cuccinelli is one of the few Repblicans out there who has the smarts, insight and persona to bring back alive the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Here's hoping for you all!


Wow! The history is interesting...but your analysis is outstanding!

Lovettsville Lady

This is a great post! I hope to quote it soon in a column on VirginiaVirtucon.
Since the tax increase I have come to realize that we have no party representing the majority of Virginians. We have one party representing the very poor and one party representing big business. Where's the party for the rest of us? It looks like Ken Cuccinelli has found that party for us. Well done!

John Bonich

"We have one party representing the very poor and one party representing big business."

I'd say we have one party who's done a great job at convincing the very poor they represent them, Lovettesville Lady, but in truth both parties truly only represent big business. Its just that one represents big money crony-capitalist industries and the other represents the powerful big money unions. Neither one represent the poor or middle class. I really hope enough independents can see through the media's propaganda against Cuccinelli and realize this come election day.


Do you really mean a "gentile" tyranny, or a "genteel" tyranny? I respectfully suggest that the Byrd Machine absolutely played the race card, just in a genteel fashion...the Byrd Machine didn't use the "N" word and stand in the doorstep, they just used Massive Resistance to try to achieve the same thing.


Great article. As a new Virginian I'm shocked to read that W. Virginia and Virginia were both plagued by Byrds. Is this the same mentality that elected Obuma? The "what's in it for me" crowd?

I've met Ken many times and have to say he is the most genuine person you will ever meet in politics. He makes great cannoli too!Mmmmm.

He's a father of many ( I lost count of how many kids he has), he's a devoted husband, and if you look at the people that gravitate to him they are all good people with sound footings in what used to be common in America (decent hardworking people who never ask "what's in it for me?")

I often hear Ken on the radio and don't recognize his voice but I am always saying to myself "who is this guy speaking, he really get's what's going on in every day people's lives."

Ken is a decent man and a decent Virginian. I look forward to having him as our next Governor. The commonwealth deserves and needs a good man like Ken.

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