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February 05, 2013


James Lightweis

I am now organizing against this clown. Thanks for the ammunition for the ron paul people to show up.


you werent considering supporting him...you called him a war monger a while back I think...

James Lightweis

Yah i wasn't supporting him at all. But i wasn't organizing against him either.


I actually was considering supporting him because his views on war mean nothing in an LG rzce, and his HoD record is very good. The only firm NOs I have are Davis and Martin. But thanks for reading my mind.

Crystal Clear Conservative

Lingamfelter just lost my support. In fact, I will join the organization against him. I am not excited by our choices for LG at the moment (even though, I am leaning towards Stimpson).


You have to admit, though, it was smart fundraising on this part. How many folks will look at that and go, "Yeah... that Ron Paul tweet was downright disgusting. Let's give money!"?

Maybe I just don't have the faith in humanity that I used to, but I think this was a smart fundraising move, because most people are idiots and will kneejerk into a donation, based on their disgust.

James Lightweis

Too bad money can't win you the nomination in Richmond. He is over. And i bet he won't raise any money over his comments at Ron Paul. The doctor has nothing to do with this race. He looks like a clown


We have so many candidates the Lt Governor's race is almost assured to go to multiple ballots. Building coalitions with the supporters of other campaigns is necessary to win.

I agree with your characterization of Lingamfelters over the top effect.

Ron Paul folks show up. It just seems unwise to alienate an active subset of the party.


He wasn't raising money off of Dr. Paul's comment. He can't raise money while the HoD is in session...


So he can't accept donations? Didn't realize that. I figured it was a fundraising move to help him get support.

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