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April 23, 2013



I live in Chesapeake, though not in a district involved in this race.
Excellent point about the "next guy" train; politicians shouldn't be so comfortable in their plans to ascend to the next seat. The whole system needs a good shake...and term limits all around!
However, if Mr. Sterns' foreign policy mirrors that of Mr. Paul, he might be a little too shaky for me, but he bears consideration for the voters who aren't seeing much promise in more of the same with the next guy in line.


More on the dynastic aspects.

I lived in Chesapeake in the day when Forbes was my Delegate and Mark Earley was my State Senator.

Mark Earley was elected to the AG. I found out that all of a sudden, Randy Forbes was my State Senator and Blevins was my delegate.

I moved away (not because of this) and subsequently found out the pecking order continues.

There are 7 localities in this District with Chesapeake being the majority.

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