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May 15, 2013



If I were going to the convention I would vote the same way as you. Last night, I got the chance to meet Ms. Stimpson at the Greene Turtle meet and greet and I was impressed (and where were you, anyway?). For AG, I do think they are both good candidates, but I lean Obenshain also.

Rick S.

I'll be voting for Jackson but like Stimpson as well. Obenshain analysis is spot on.


Ron - I have to ration my nights out for politics with the wife and baby :-)

Todd L

I'm voting Stimpson-Bell, but that's mainly because I've seen Bell speak and I liked what he said.

As much as I intend to enjoy Saturday, I'll be glad when this is over. I've received multiple anti-Stewart mailers and emails each day this week. At least that will go away after the voting.


Chris - first chance I have had to read this. Although it was pre-convention and a lot has transpired since then, I must say - good picks! and Thank you!

Susan would make a great state-wide candidate for the ticket. With that said, the Stimpson team is very pleased with the results. EW Jackson will be an excellent candidate and we all look forward to voting for him in November!

Keep your eyes on Susan, I don't think she is done yet!

Thanks for your support and let's get out and elect Team COJ!

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