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May 19, 2013


Not a Scion

There's another aspect to Jackson's win that should be somewhat clear from last night: The claims that Jackson's campaign had no organization were wholly and completely false. The Jackson organization (and he HAD an organization on the floor) was put together & run with non-professional staff & volunteers that went undetected by the various professionally-run campaigns until people saw them in operation on the floor and no doubt asked "Who are these guys?!?" But the Jackson campaign was more organized on the floor & more focused on effective floor management practices than at least half of the 'professional' campaigns. They showed up with more people, they won more people with Jackson's speech, and they kept their voters around and ultimately won by attrition. Anyone who is saying it was all just a speech wasn't on the floor yesterday.

The unanswered question (at least for me) is whether Jackson also had a stealth turnout operation to match their floor operation. I'm finding it difficult to believe he won 37% of the vote on the FIRST ballot without any form of serious turnout operation (though, if so, THAT may well be a testament to the messaging failures of the other 6 campaigns).

The great and (as yet) untold story of this convention may well be the Jackson stealth campaign.

Stephen Spiker

He won 32% on the first ballot, not 37%.

Not a Scion

I had heard it was 37, but then I never really saw the final tally from the 1st ballot (did they ever eventually post it?) and am going on rumors or 2nd hand information from campaign staff.

Thanks for the clarification. Any chance you have other hard numbers from the first ballot?

Corinne Dixon

I was there as a delegate last night and they did not post the first round of votes, however I heard Jackson got 37 percent on the first ballot. The Corey Stewart hoax was a big thing, Corey Stewart aids were running through the isles shouting " LIES ~~ PETE SNYDER LIES-Corey Stewart does NOT support Pete Snyder!!!!!
Bishop EW Jackson had me before his speech. I saw him speak at the Beaverdam Baptist and all the things he said I support. God, Country, Children, Home Schooling, Small Government, State Soverntry. It is about time we put a normal folk in government and not just another politician. His speech was SPOT ON. The entire audience was with him from the get go.
He put out a flyer before the third ballot defending his " warrant for debt" that was a tax bill on a car that he forgot to pay, and evidently a bankruptcy that he had when a business failed. Who among us has not had financial failures. At least he did not try to blame it all on Bush. LOL!

Stephen Spiker

Jackson 31%
Stimpson 15%
Stewart 14.8%
Snyder 14.5%
Lingamfelter 11.5%
Davis 7.8%
Martin 5.5%

Eisenhower GOP


Interesting post. You might be taken more seriously if you used the right versions of words. It's "heal" not "heel," unless you are referring to Jackson's shoe.

I enjoy how people blamed the "establishment" for choosing a primary. Now, delegates revolted against the "establishment" at the convention. Who is this ubiquitous group? Seems to me last time I checked the SCC roster that it is a fairly right-leaning group.

Stephen Spiker

To the vocal Jackson supporters, the "Establishment" is anybody that didn't walk into Richmond as a Jackson supporter.

I don't get it, either.


Ike - in pro wrestling vernacular, it is "heel." Trust me, I've been following it for 25 years. I spell enough things wrong on this blog, I have to defend myself when I get one right.

Matthew Hurtt

He meant the second "heel" in your piece, and he's right... it's heal, not heel.


E.W. Jackson -- the new Alan Keyes! He will go about as far.

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